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If you have been following our social media you will know all about next months music takeover where we will be bringing to you some of the finest new rising underground artist. To lead the way we had the pleasure of speaking with the very talented ‘Unmissable’ vocalist ‘Zak Abel’ to talk all things fitness and music in our Halloween special as we introduce you to our ‘UNDERGROUND ACTS TAKEOVER’


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Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with DIFORM. Now straight off the bat I have to ask you how did working with the awesome Gorgon City come about?

ZA: I was working with Jeopardize a while back and his manager recommended me to Gorgon’s manager who got in touch. I laid down the vocal to the track and they liked it! It started from there.

Unmissable is such a huge song but where did you get the inspiration for the song?

ZA: The song was written by Jimmy Napes with Gorgon City. I loved the track instantly and the lyrics resonated which made me want to sing it.

What about the video process were you involved in that?

ZA: If you look closely, you can see someone dancing very badly in a red t-shirt. That’s me!

Tell us a bit about your background?

ZA: I was brought up in north London where I lived with my mum until I was 18. My mum is English and dad was Moroccan.

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When did you really know that you could sing and was this the point when you decided that you wanted a career in music?

ZA: I have always sung since I can remember, but when I was about 15, that’s when people started telling me they liked my voice and so I thought, yeah, I’ll give that a go! The point when I really decided I was serious about singing was when I got management and a record deal at 17 and decided to drop out of school and focus on music. I realised I couldn’t do both full time.

Do you play any instruments?

ZA: I’m self-taught on guitar and piano.

In the spirit of Halloween have you ever had a “go to” Halloween look every year?

ZA: No, however, last year I dressed up as a Geisha Girl. You will find no pictures anywhere!

Such a shame, I am sure many would have loved to see that. Now if you had to style any beautiful female celebrity in a Halloween look what would it be? (I think in the reverse I would like to see Jonny Deep as Gambiet from X-men… good times)

ZA: Penelope Cruz as The Hulk

Were you more of a tricker or treater when you were little – as in were you one of those sweet kids or the polar opposite?

ZA: Treater. I was very sweet. I charmed kind old ladies into giving me more sweets.

Is being fit and healthy something that is priority for you?

ZA: YES! There was a time a couple of years ago when I kept getting ill, i.e. colds, tonsillitis etc and I decided to change things and it worked.

What does Zak classify as a healthy lifestyle?

ZA: Why did you ask that?!  Anyone who knows me knows I can talk for hours and bore the hell out of anyone listening… but seeing as you’ve asked… Ideally, I like to get up early, go to the gym, eat healthy; I eat a lot and very often, and with every meal I’ll have slow burning carbs, veg and protein. (Very boring I know), I hardly ever eat sugar, I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, and I don’t do drugs… I drink a lot of green tea though… you did ask …

Is style and your look important to you?

ZA: No, not really, I don’t think it matters… what’s way more important is the energy/vibe you give out to people.

Back to the music; where do you draw your inspirations from?

ZA: I get my inspiration in different ways, sometimes I’ll just write about something that’s on my mind, other times I’ll just play some chords and sing whatever emotion matches those chords, other times a conversation can spark a song, other times a beat that a producer sends over is enough to make me want to write over it.

Name your top 10 most loved artists of all time?

ZA: In no particular order:

Paolo Nutini, Adele, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Bill Withers, Gil Scott Heron, Joe Cocker, Amy Winehouse, Bonobo, Marvin Gaye.

Which artist/s really holds your attentions now?

ZA: FKJ (French Kiwi Juice), Kendrick Lamar, Kwabs.

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Ok Zak let us have a little fun with some really quick fire questions: –

  • Scarlett Johansson or Katty Perry?

ZA: Scarlett.

ZA: Cara

  • Man Utd or Chelsea?

ZA: Neither

  • Mustard or Marmite?

ZA: Mustard

Some may still see you as an underground act, however some may say you’re now commercial, but where do you see yourself?

ZA: If I’m honest, I’m just making music that I like. Wherever that situates me is cool.

How do you deal with super-fans any embarrassing moments with any yet?

ZA: When I get a super fan I will let you know.

That’s fair enough I can’t wait to hear that story. If you had to perform with anyone anywhere in the world who would it be and where would it be?

ZA: Probably Kendrick Lamar at the Superbowl.

Are there any other epic collaboration already in the pipelines that you can tell us about?

ZA: There are some collaborations, but I don’t want to say anything just yet, you never know what may happen! I can say I am collaborating with Joker on a number of things which is pretty epic and on a day-to-day basis I’m collaborating with some awesome people…

What can we look forward to seeing and hearing from Zak Abel in the near future?

ZA: I’m just finishing off an EP that will be out soon, also looking to do some live shows early next year. And in the meantime, just carrying on writing music for my album.

Thank you Zak you have truly been Amazing!

ZA: Thank you – you have been equally Amazing!

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