WHYTT Official Announcement

As you already noticed the Corona-Virus has a global-impact
We as Whitt-Magazine are fully aware of the danger and the impact it has on our daily lives.
That’s why we take this corona-virus very serious. With this Official Announcement we want you to inform you, warn you about the big impact it has on the world and also on you.

You might have seen some craziness in your area, city, neighbourhood. Please stay at home as much as possible, and only go outside when it’s necessary. Be considerate of others during your groceries shopping and respect each other. Clean your hands like you always “should” do.
In these difficult times we need each other more than ever. So please stay kind to everyone around you.

Follow the rules of your government as they have advised as these provisions have been put in place to help us tackle this as quickly as we can.

Whytt Magazine, will aim to keep you updated. Our goal is to keep the Magazine running as normal as possible. If you have any questions, or other issues, please contact us and we get to you back as soon as possible.

Stay at home, and take care of yourself and loved ones.

Whytt Magazine Team.