Find out which Christmas tradition you fall into this year!


Christmas is very much in the air, and as the decorations start coming out and the music starts to take on that renowned jingling tone, perhaps you’re already planning for the day itself. Your family might follow old traditions, or you might be setting up some new ones of your own.

Some traditions might be fun for one person, but might be a chore for the next. Which tradition resonates the most with you? In this guide, we’re going to show you which Christmas tradition you embody!

The ‘Mince Pies’


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If you’re a ‘mince pie’ kind of person, you’re all about those ‘first signs of Christmas’ and bringing the festive cheer to everyone around you. You’re the sort of person who actively anticipates the arrival of the Greggs Festive Bake, or the first mince pies to hit the shelves in supermarkets. You also find spoilers and leaks regarding this year’s John Lewis advert, even more tantalising than hints and sneak peaks for upcoming Game of Thrones episodes.

Of course, you wait with bated breath for the Coca-Cola advert to screen on TV for the first time each year, and once it does, you’re in full festive swing. This is your permission to start skipping through the cold, humming ‘holidays are coming, holidays are coming!’, and to start adding Christmas songs to your playlist.

You’re not quite as explosive with your Christmas cheer as the ‘Christmas Crackers’ (more on them later), as your type of excitement is more to do with the feeling of Christmas and the joy it brings, rather than the spectacle of it. You’re all about that Christmas magic; sweet, wholesome, and warming. You’re a mince pie!

The ‘Hollies’

If you’re a ‘holly’ sort of person, Christmas doesn’t excite you quite as much as the winter feeling in general. For you, this time of year is the greatest part of Christmas, rather than Christmas itself. You’re all about the winter aesthetic, with some of it touching on the festivities. You love the origins of winter traditions, things with a more Pagan element perhaps. The snow, the frost, the cosying up by a fire — for you, these are the hallmarks of the festive season. Wandering through the increasingly-popular Christmas markets is one of your favourite traditions because you get to see trinkets and handmade goods from all kinds of cultures and backgrounds, rather than just the usual Santa hats and reindeer themed gifts! Equipped with a mug of cinnamon hot chocolate as it’s snowing outside; for you, is a celebration of winter as a season of natural beauty and wonder. You’re a holly!

The ‘Christmas Crackers’ 
If Christmas were a competition, you’d be in the lead every year. Like the ‘Mince Pies’, Christmas is important to you, but the difference is that you seem to gather boundless energy from even the quietest mention of Rudolf. Secret Santa isn’t a game to you, it’s a duty. You have to buy the gift that will get the biggest laughs, and it’s normally something really weird. You’ll have your Christmas songs queued up on your playlists, but those playlists won’t be playing through headphones, oh no. They’ll be blasted out of the speakers at full volume for all to hear. Christmas is a party for a Christmas Cracker, and it’s a loud explosion of glitter, glam, and colours. From December 1st, you’ll have an antler headband permanently attached to your head and decorations all over your office desk. In fact, decorating is a full day event for you at home, and it takes the other 11 months of the year to clean all the glitter away afterwards. Also, the office Christmas jumper is serious business to you. It’s not optional, and if anyone shuffles into the office without one during the festive season, you’ve got three spares for them to choose from. You’re a Christmas cracker!


The ‘Christmas Carols’
For ‘Christmas carols’, it’s important to preserve the traditions of our ancestors. Carolling, a sixpence in the pudding, setting it on fire, all the traditions that are dying out you have taken upon yourself as a duty to maintain. This season is filled with memories and reverie for you, but in a good way — and you want to build more in that long chain. No doubt there’s a selection of board games that get pulled out after Christmas dinner, and each one has about ten stories apiece of things that happened in Christmases gone by! From gathering to watch the Queens speech, to strapping on your chukka boots for a brisk Christmas walk with the family, the days leading up to Christmas itself are a schedule of traditions to fulfil. It’s like each day is its own advent calendar door with a tradition to complete in countdown to the big day! You’re a Christmas carol!

The ‘Krampus’


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Your friends might tease you and call you a bit of a Scrooge. But that’s unfair — you’re not a Scrooge, because Scrooge wasn’t just miserly about Christmas, he seemed to just hate people in general. For you, it’s not that you object to people being merry and festive. You’re just not all that fond of Christmas itself. For you, gold and red and bright lights just don’t do anything for you. The process of buying gifts is rife with anxiety. What if they don’t like what you bought them? What if you spend too little? It’s so stressful that you can’t help but feel Christmas is a bit of a downer and revolves too much around spending.

So, you just have your own idea of Christmas in terms of enjoying the season your own way. And maybe it’s a little…unusual or unique. Maybe the quirkier stories of Christmas entertain you more, such as Saint Nick’s evil counterpart Krampus, or spooky Christmas ghost stories. To you, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect Christmas movie, whereas sitting through something like Miracle on 34th Street or any of the umpteen Santa-magic style Christmas movie clones doesn’t excite you at all. You’re a Krampus, but that’s okay! Christmas is all about cheer and goodwill, so even if your Christmas isn’t as sickly-sweet and wrapped in bright colours and glitter, if you’re happy then it’s your Christmas!

So, which Christmas tradition are you? How will you be spending your Christmas this year? Wrapped in traditions, or starting new ones?