Piercing Vocals

A renaissance man with the sound of a more good grooves old school soul singer, is the new South London based artist  Joshua KYEOT. You need only to allow yourself to be removed from the comforts of some of your regular listening and look more to 90’s mainstream artists from Seal and Billy Ocean, with hints of singer songwriter Tunde Baiyewu, who was one part of the duo lighthouse family. Once you have permitted your mind to escape back to that period you hear everything that is Joshua KYEOT.

The classically trained pianist/composer has played from the tender age of 13, with a fascinating desire to create the type of music that has meaning and truly is stemmed from the soulI am not necessarily looking for people to agree with everything I, or the narrator in a song, say. I specifically hope that my music inspires people to be creative” – Joshua KYEOT

Recently releasing his new single Playground Sweetheart after he recorded ‘Only One’ this artist is the archetypal South London soul singer, albeit, the added factor of Joshua KYEOT unreservedly bringing that little bit of a slightly off beat British twang to his vocals, sets him apart from the usual soul sound, distinguishing his style. It may be something in the remotely unconventional style of the delay in the sound before his vocal hits each beat, more noticeable in ‘Only One’ or the fact that his sound exemplifies what is often heard from a live jazz soul singer, his piercing vocals, or possibly the Afrocentric aspects of his style of voice that makes Joshua KYEOT an interesting musician to listen to.


His songs illustrate depths

Music is a means of tapping into something that is greater than ourselves. Something inexplicable that makes us feel and allows Beings to communicate feelings and ideas with one another. Tells others about heritage, state of mind and allows those who hear it get on board or jump off. It is a universal language like mathematics. The notation might be different but everything holds!” – Joshua KYEOT

This artist is for that of a romantic and could be depicted as an initiator of love. His songs illustrate depths of love and a that of a man cautious of expressing his love, having missed an opportunity only to be granted the chance to again rekindle the flame and with every ounce of him, will not allow this chance to be missed again. And with Valentine’s Day beckoning, Joshua KYEOT is the sound that falls in essence with all that references romance.