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Interview Feature With French Mega DJ/Producer Uppermost

Uppermost gets you excited about music from start to finish, his enthusiasm, drive, focus and commitment, can not be concealed. His adroit approach to work and music is infectious and even upon interviewing the DJ he can not help but ignite that same drive to succeed in you. Recently releasing his current single with Harry Pane ‘Perseverance’ we caught up with the Parisian DJ last month as he walked us through his latest material, what keeps him going, and how you can discern between a true Parisian and a French imposter in the interview feature below.


“For any artist, freedom is a source of inspiration

 – Uppermost


Much of your music is uplifting. The type of sound that instantly gets you going through the day. When you set out to create music was it mainly in view of clubs as your target or those deep in the house scene?

Uppermost: I started making music in 2007 inspired by the club scene and its positive energy, but I always felt like a part of me asked for more emotion and warmth. The more I made music, the more I was attracted by melodies and deep chords.

Why do you think Progressive has become even more popular in Europe over the past few years?

Uppermost: I think that there comes a time when people get tired of too much noise and they want to go back to a more relaxed atmosphere. Nowadays social networks tend to create a constant stress in our lives, Progressive music can be a great way to bring us some fresh air.

You run an independent record label alongside producing? Do you fully own the label as well?

Uppermost: Yes, I’ve always cared about my artistic independence because that’s what gives me the ability to express everything I feel without constraints. For any artist, freedom is a source of inspiration, there’s nothing like being able to rely on yourself.

Did you find this as a more secure way of distributing your own music?

Uppermost: I think it’s really a matter of personal choice, there are many good labels that beautifully defend artists visions – and I’m open to working with them too. But having my own label feels like whatever happens, I have a place that’s home for my music.


“If you really want to make something happen in your life, it will happen”

– Uppermost


Artists like Stromae have been able to fuse rap/hip hop to create amazing music. Have you ever worked with Parisian rap artists and combined this with your signature sound?

Uppermost: This new album was an opportunity for me to experiment a Hip-Hop collaboration with french rapper Yudimah. The blend between electronic instrumental sounds and rap flow is definitely something I want to keep on working in the future.

Your new single featuring Harry Pane was released on the 23rd of March from your current LP Perseverance. When can we expect to see yourself and Harry Pane performing this live? Will you be touring with your latest LP Perseverance? If so which cities can we expect to see you in?

Uppermost: I just came back from my US tour, playing in cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver and Portland was a wonderful experience both musically and personally. We’re currently planning the live show with my bassist and guitarist friends for the months to come.

How do decided who to select to feature on your tracks. Do you think there is a formula or is the selection as experimental as your sound?

Uppermost: I wanted to bring talents from other musical landscapes such as Hip-Hop and Folk into the spotlight of my own Electronic project. There’s something very inspiring about creating unexpected artistic collaborations. More than anything else, showcasing hidden talents to the public is something I’m very proud of.

It is quite ominous that the name uppermost literally means having the highest most importance. And you have been referred to as being the next best thing in French Electronic music. Has there ever been any doubt in your decision to produce electronic music and did you ever imagine that your success would have you being as well known as a producer in Paris?

Uppermost: I’ve always had faith in my vision since I started making music. If you really want to make something happen in your life, it will happen no matter how many obstacles you meet on the way. This album is a message to all the creative and passionate minds: don’t give up, follow the path of your heart, trust it no matter what happens.


Now with you being French, I have to test that you indeed are Parisian, But don’t panic I know you will pass with flying colours. Carpe Diem to which the French would reply?

Uppermost: Ha! Actually, the French would probably be too lazy to reply but they would probably say “Do what you love or do nothing at all, it doesn’t matter how much time it takes to create something as long as it is worth spending time for.”

Who has the best wine the Italian or the French?

Uppermost: The French without a doubt, I’m sorry Italy.

The fatal question and the Uppermost important to confirm that you are a true Parisian and not an imposter. In terms of traditional French treats. Macaroon or Tarte Tatin?

Uppermost: Since I’m a true Parisian and an imposter too, I’d say both.

There is still much more to be anticipated from the independent electronic DJ/producer and it would be an injustice to not permit his music to take over you atmosphere.