The New Year has flown past as if it were only yesterday and I was still on the yacht with my friends screaming and watching the countdown fireworks blooming in between Victoria Harbor. January seems to have ended to quickly. Though I’ve had a productive month, filled with Fashion Week, a few press previews, and meetings to solid down collaborations that we are ready to launch, but before I can divulge more information about those collaborations, here are a few January highlights that I’d like to share with you this week :


For the first time working with Kate Spade, I have had given a private styling session with their VIPs, sharing some tips on how to mix and match their newest Spring and CNY collection. Without any script on hand, I pull out a monochrome Kate Spade SS16 total look that communicates ’The Visala Style’, though I had to put the butterflies in my stomach to sleep, take a deep breathe and let the fashion force be with me before hand. The styling session ran smoothly, so much so that I’ll be doing another one again earlier on in February. Can’t wait!


“There are no ugly people, there’s only ugly hair style”.
Celebrating the launch of his book “Be Gorgeous”, Kim has given a private sharing session about himself as a hairdresser, an entrepreneur, and a painter. The living legend in the hair industry has his own sense of humour that friends find him humble and kind. I met him 4 years ago while I was working for my uncle, designing hair accessories for Kim. The impression was laid by my pink hair tips, and even though the crazy colour was gone, he noted that he still remembered me, when he was signing my book. A big hug and a kiss on the forehead, I’m grateful for what I have and what this hair master has inspired through his sharing.


Before our attention draws onto the international Coutures and FW16s, here comes HKFW. Though the scale is small comparing to the rest of the world, and even to Seoul and Tokyo, the Hong Kong designers that I’m always proud of, never fail us in bringing out a great show with creative collections. There’s too much to introduce all at once, so therefore allow me to keep it short, and I shall afterwards, bit by bit, introduce my favorite ones to you with more details included.



That’s it for January, hope you enjoy my sharing and I can’t wait to see WHAT’s IN on February!



Editor: Florence Bailey