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Create the ‘personal touch‘ for your home

What Really Makes a House a Home_whyttheadline

You’ve probably heard of that saying Home is where you make it, but what does it take to make a house a home? It doesn’t have to be a new, luxurious, shiny and dazzling, expensive house. It doesn’t even have to be large nor close to the city center. To truly feel at home, your house has to have a certain feel to it, a unique atmosphere, and a signature smell. You have to feel comfortable at home and enjoy its every corner, so it has to have a personal touch to it. That’s what makes all of this more difficult, but here are some ideas on how you can make your home feel truly yours.

Don’t leave your floors empty

Empty floors can certainly make the room look bigger, but they make the room seem colder as well. That emptiness may imply that it’s walked around in shoes, just like in offices, banks, and other public spaces. It doesn’t make it personal and warm. To make your rooms look more homely, try adding some rugs or carpets. Go for shags or furs, as they add up to the cozy atmosphere, especially in smaller rooms. To make the experience more fun, dare to opt for layering rugs. You can play with pattern-mixing and make your rooms livelier. And don’t forget to take your shoes off! Respect your floors and rugs, keep them clean and shiny.

Apply the same concept to your walls as well

What about empty walls? Well, empty walls can be soothing, but they are the space where you can go all out with emphasizing your interests and what’s meaningful to you, as well as your memories. You can find good artwork online and showcase what stirs your curiosity, adding an artsy feel to your living space. Make a gallery of family portraits or photos from holidays. Put up anything that makes you smile or anything that you’d like to see every day. To add some more personality to your walls, hang up a to-do list or something that a family member drew/made.

Brighten up your rooms

Dark rooms are associated with something cold, unfriendly, and distant. It’s not the color of the walls that gives off this feeling but mostly lighting. If you want to brighten up the room, don’t stick to that basic recessed light. There’s nothing special to it and it’s really boring. Consider placing a hanging fixture with bulbs of a warmer, yellowish color, as it will add up to the overall inviting, pleasant atmosphere. Pay attention to tabletop lamps if you want to add accent light to certain objects in the room, or if you need some focused light for a task, like reading or writing.

Pay attention to dining and living rooms

Where in your house do you spend most of the time when your friends come for dinner? Yes, in your dining room, where you get to serve them your delicious home-made meals, and in your living room, where you can relax and enjoy pleasant conversations deep into the night. This is where you feel the homey ambiance the most. That’s why you have to put a special effort into making them feel comfy by placing some sentimental accessories. Pick a special spot for your favorite, old things where they’ll attract everyone’s attention. Showcase your collections, decorate with some of your favorite books and magazines, and place some flowers – it will surely liven up the place!

Add some personal touches

Having an original design makes your home truly unique. Playing around with handles, doorknobs, pulls and light switches goes a long way in displaying your talent for design. With a little bit of paint and fabric, you can transform any house into a home.

A house is a place where you can let your imagination go wild and furnish it to your liking. You don’t have to stick to the rules of design when decorating your home. Just go with the things that feel cozy and inviting, and which make habits of everyday life more enjoyable.