North London Based Artist Treasure release his new nine-track EP release ‘Suffocation & Air’


There’s no shortage of media that has created a mentality of constant self-judgment. We often tend to compare ourselves incredibly harshly to those who may be experiencing struggles of their own that we know nothing about. When we start comparing ourselves, our situations, or our successes to others, we lose our sense of self-worth, and ultimately, our sense of self-love. We can visit a forest or an ocean and never entertain the idea of either being imperfect, yet we all too often view ourselves as somehow being imperfect in some way. By opening our hearts and becoming vulnerable with others in our struggles, we find others that are having similar experiences, showing us how much we truly are connected. In doing so, we can create a much healthier mentality that regardless of what life decides to throw our way, we never lose our worth, we never lose our value and we are never alone. In his new EP, ‘Suffocation & Air’, Treasure wears his emotions on his sleeve by exploring his own vulnerability with an intimate and ethereal psychedelic sound that emanates dark and moody tones.

Treasure is a UK-based singer-songwriter who was born in North West London that started exploring the idea of a career in music at a young age. “I always had an ear for it. In primary school, I’d come home and spend most of my evening listening to music channels like Kiss, Kerrang, Scuzz, and MTV. My parents bought me a guitar when I was 12, then I was forming and performing in bands at secondary school and around the county,” he says of where his interest all began. Treasure’s family relocated to the Countryside in the early 2000’s trading the busy city life for the suburban serenity; a feeling which is very present throughout his music catalogue.

His musical influences range from the likes of Frank Ocean, Choker, HOMESHAKE, The Internet, and D’Angelo, with some being reflected in his latest release. “Chet Baker. His ability to channel his melancholy into art form really influenced the first few tracks I wrote as an artist. HOMESHAKE’s ‘Fresh Air’, has been on repeat for the last 2 years. Peter’s mellow aura definitely influenced some of the tones of ‘Suffocation & Air’ [EP],” he further adds about his current influences. His stage name’s origin was born from a desire to create something to be proud of later in life. “I was originally going under the name OLWH and had released a project with northern artist Freak Slug titled ‘Look of Love’. This project meant a lot to me, but I quickly lost the urge to create, I’d reached a place of stagnancy. The name “Treasure” came about because I wanted to create something that was personal to me, a run of albums that I can look back on as an old age pensioner and think ‘I really expressed myself in a way that’s true to me’,” he further explains.

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His new nine-track EP release, ‘Suffocation & Air’, Treasure follows the success of his self-titled debut album that radiates with a hypnagogic pop vibe, delivering lethargic yet funky synthscapes with the ’80s tinged falsetto vocal arrangements. Narrating Treasure’s own life experiences and focusing on self-acceptance and love in all forms, he reveals, “I’ve always struggled to fit in and can’t find my place in this industry or world even, but I’m okay with that. Music is my way of protesting my unapologetic individuality.” When asked about the inspiration behind the song that means the most to him on his EP, he responds, ” ‘Swim Deep’ is the most important song to me on this project. I always feel like I’m on the edge. Treading the line between light and dark, working too hard or not enough. This song is a release from the reality that holds me. The songs starts with dreamy layered synths, then goes into a verse about the light and dark. The second verse deals with the burden of societal expectations and the minute-long guitar solo is an escape from the mental chains that bound me. The hook and title ‘Swim Deep’  is about swimming deep into your Psyche. I spend a lot of time looking inwards.”

The leading single, ‘You & I’, features haunting vocals, minimalistic melodies, and textured harmonies. Detailing the struggle of expressing emotions as well as the musician’s fear of leaving the house after going through a traumatic assault, the track is reminiscent of a dream-like state, floating between worlds. It further depicts the process of feeling free after a long period of emotional imprisonment. Then there is ‘More’; a track which speaks for itself, showcasing funk-fuelled bass-lines and donning a guitar-driven backdrop, it takes listeners on an emotionally fuelled, downtempo journey of living in a material world where we are always craving more. Treasure confides about the track, “I’ve come from a working-class family, so when I started earning, all I could think of was spending money on material goods because that’s what everyone else was doing. Little did I know that no amount of material could fill the void.” With cascading vocals and twinkling synths, ‘Where have you been?’ chronicles the journey of finding one’s self.

Wondering if the laidback musician had any pearls of wisdom he wanted to share with the world, I asked if there was a single message that he would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that he would aspire to live in, what would that message be, he affirms, “Give with an open heart. We’re not on this earth for a long time, and we can’t take any of our material belonging into the afterlife but the impact of our lives, negative or positive, lasts for eternity.”

Treasure’s EP ‘Suffocation & Air’ is currently available worldwide.