Create A Space

For The Creative Worker

Offices in the home, have been around for many of years, and I cannot help but love the trend. The dread of work, can be dampened through the comforts of your own home. Whether you run your own business, work freelance or just do occasional admin work at home, an office space I feel is key in any modern home. The greatest thing of all, is that you can put your own stamp on it. It is your space; you are the designer.
For most of us our work is the way in which we can express ourselves the most. Me myself, I am a student and an interior blogger. So my work space is in my university bedroom. Wherever your space may be in your room, make it your own. Take pride in every nook, and cranny in your house. Do not be afraid to vitalise space, even the smallest of spaces can work. But the question you must ask is “what suits ‘you’ best?”


Image Source: BlindsFit

Adding Your Own Touch

For me, interior is all about adding your own touch, and allowing your personality to shine on through. Are you a lover of bright colours, or fun interior styles? Then bring this into your home, by adding fun, unique home accessories. Or are you a lover of British heritage? Then Tartan and old fashioned styles may suit your personality. Rustic styles shine through every space, and every piece of furniture can be utilised with this implementation of style. If you are a lover of simplistic styles, then the clean woodpaired with neutral colours will look great within your home. Sharp, and clean lines are important to simplicity in the interior. Neutral colours, or whites are simple but e  ffective. Once you know what personality, or style suits you best you will be able to create the ideal working environment within your home. For all the creatives out there, creative spaces can work in the home too, and my goodness these are the jewels of the house. Rustic, cluttered and oozing imagination, these are my favourite home necessities.



Image Source: Ideal Home (link to specific article)


Colours and vibrancy can invigorate the work space. The rawness to the more coloured filled rustic approach often shows innocence and a heart full of passion. The heart of creativity is prevalent in these spaces as seen above. Bring these spaces into your home, and watch your masterpieces evolve! Do not be afraid to create spaces in your home that are not perfect, or look like show homes. Show homes do not always represent the hustle and bustle of real life. Life is fast paced, unpredictable and creative spaces should reflect this. Work with what works for you best. If you are lucky enough to not have an issue of space within your home, then seating areas or what I like to call ‘reflection areas’ are a great addition. Here we can let our imaginations run wild. These areas allow us to escape and imagine other worlds, and a whole range of unsought possibilities.


Photo credits: BlindsFit

The Right Light

Blue and white tones create an ambiance that reflects peace, and patience. Creating an in-home serenity which drives innovation and creation. For this type of design natural light is key in a working environment. Good lighting is key in most interior styles, especially this one. This is just a snapshot of what can be created within the home. Do not dread the work that you do. Bring all the joy, and comfort of home into the work place and seep results.



Photo credits: Jennifer Pacca Interiors

By working at home, we are lucky enough to create our own company cultures and values. It can be the best, and most rewarding pleasure in life. Enjoy everything you do in life. Think of your home office as a blank canvas, and fill it with wild and wonderful things, that exudes passion, and promotes a strong work ethic.