Music Review

Leeds Based Band The VICTORS


It goes without saying that we can all remember our younger days of Junior/Senior High School and how we spent our summers in between each school year. The summer adventures and plans we’d make with friends, trying new things and meeting new people, and wondering if that cute guy/girl we’ve been crushing on feels the same way. Being an introvert can certainly lead to an absolute ton of thoughts, swirling around in the mind. Dipping your toe into the waters of young love can be fraught with endless questions on what to say and do, not wanting to look like a fool or getting embarrassed, but just like the summer lake, we all jump in at some point. With their newest track release ‘Slow Down’, the Victors seamlessly capture those youthful days with an upbeat and tantalizing sound reminiscent of those nostalgic summer hits of the 80’s and 90’s era.


Consisting of Harry Waterhouse (Vocals/Guitar/Synth), Simon Appleson (Guitar/Synth), Dominic Brooks (Bass/Synth) and Matthew Gillen (Drums), The Victors are a Leeds-based pop/electronic quartet whose origin started in late 2015 when Harry and Simon met using online ads. Shortly thereafter, they used online ads again to search for a bass player and Dom ended up reaching out and joined the band fairly quickly. According to the band, Dom did lie for the first year and told them he was 18 when he was actually 16! After the first year, they were in need of a new drummer, and Matty was a friend of Dom’s so they reached out to him; he joined almost instantly and the rest is history. As for the story behind the band name they say, “I wish there was a profound story behind the name but it’s really lame. For ages, we were looking for an individual word that was bold and easy to remember but they had all been taken. Anyway one night, Simon was watching Made In Chelsea (sorry, not sorry) and I came across a girl on it called Toria (as in short for Victoria obviously), so I wondered if the name Victoria would be any good, but then realized it sounded like a female solo artist. So he decided against it and went to sleep, and as he was nodding off he happened to think of ‘VICTORS’ but still thought it sucked. Anyway, the band has been called VICTORS for about 3 years now and we couldn’t be happier.”

Squad 1

As a band, some of their influences include the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, The XX, and Prince. Individually, the band notes, “Harry and Simon grew up listening to artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, The Smiths, Whitney Houston and Crowded House to name a few. That classic 80’s pop sound has then been reimagined and incorporated into the music. On the other hand, Matty and Dom come from a Heavy Metal / Hip-Hop background, their favorite artists range from Metallica, Black Sabbath, Wu-Tang Clan, Iron Maiden and R Kelly.”

When asked about the inspiration behind their latest release, the band says, “People often keep things to themselves and let negative feelings and stress build up rather than talking about it, and in doing so, make things ten times worse. Mental health is a massive issue that doesn’t get talked about often enough and ‘Slow Down’ is about taking a step back, realizing you’re not alone and that everyone goes through crap. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.” With that profound message in mind, I wanted to find out if they had any other pearls of wisdom in asking if there was a single message that the band would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that they would aspire to live in, what would that message be? They responded with,

“It’s as simple as:

– Accept everyone’s different walks of life without judging or discriminating

– Celebrate other people’s success, it’s not a competition

– Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20

Look after the planet it’s the only one we have (well, until Mars).”

*mic drop*