Aabelard Aprons To Rule The Kitchen


What do you get when you put together equal doses of female entrepreneurship and passion for perfection, some Italian leather and Scottish waxed cotton, and a quote by Mark Twain? If you guessed Aabelard Aprons, you’re spot-on. Is there a better way to mark Mother’s Day than to get your mum a first-rate cooking accessory? Of course not: an Aabelard apron is a perfect gift for a lady who knows how to juggle family life, business, hobbies, and creative passions. The aprons, created by the budding British brand, are a unique embodiment of functionality, durability and aesthetics. Grown from the seeds of Mrs. Philippa Hayward’s love of fashion and desire for self-assertion through creative expression, Aabelard Aprons began as a woman’s shy venture into business waters and an attempt to be more than – in her own words – ‘just’ a mum of three boys.

With a degree in drama, some training and experience as a PA and a career in publishing, Philippa’s always cherished a creative streak, and her business is a unique amalgamation of her talents as a jewellery maker, silversmith, and leather designer. Judging by the steadily growing number of orders, Philippa’s path toward personal reinvention and entrepreneurship is nothing short of a self-made woman’s story of professional success, personal accomplishment and impressive numbers of satisfied apron wearers.

If Not Now, When?

The decision to dip into business waters took a while to form in Philippa’s mind, and she credits Mark Twain for the final nudge in the right direction. Philippa’s experience with leather making and jewellery design were the main ingredients of her apron-making project, but the final piece in the puzzle that drove her arts and crafts ship out of the harbour and across entrepreneurial seas came seemingly out of nowhere, at the perfect moment.

Having completed a leather-making course, Philippa decided to put her newly acquired skills to a test and make something durable, functional and chic. She opted for an apron, a clothing piece she wears every day when busying about kitchen appliances, jewellery workshop, and other workloaded spots in her home and garden. Philippa’s creative mind came up with an apron design that can stand heavy daily use, and the first Aabelard apron won nods of approval by her friends. As a fun plot twist, the last breath of wind into Philippa’s entrepreneurial sails was a quote by Mark Twain her eldest son brought home from school one day.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”


Designed To Fit, Last, And Serve

The idea about the best materials for Aabelard aprons was an instant flash. Having worn aprons for a good part of her life, Philippa knew that resilience is of utmost importance for a piece of heavy-duty workwear. Still, the Aabelard Aprons founder didn’t let practicality alone guide her creative experiments: the apron Philippa set out to create was a blend of function, longevity, and style.

To design aprons that were sturdy enough to endure lots of tough kitchen love, Mrs. Hayward opted for Scottish waxed cotton and soft Italian leather. What she came up with was a chic and waterproof apron that provides maximum resilience, comfort and maintenance ease, and fits the wearer like a glove. Customers who are looking for more in an apron than just a piece of overalls also have the option to customize their Aabelard by getting their initials embossed in on the breastplate or vertical or horizontal strap in a classic blind deboss.


Eternal Shine of a Spotless Apron

Designed to frame the wearer’s upper body and sit snugly at their waist, Aabelard aprons are available in two different styles and sizes and a range of beautiful colourways. Each apron is made in a leather-making factory in Grantham, Lincolnshire, specializing in production of bespoke and luxury luggage. Built to endure heavy outdoor use, Aabelard aprons are extremely easy to clean with the help of a lint-free cloth, damp sponge and cool water.

To make sure your Aabelard ages with character, you should apply a leather protection cream to leather components and re-wax the cotton once every few years. For bonus aesthetics and utility, waxed cotton components of the apron will instantly conform to the wearer’s shape, its creases disappearing in contact with body temperature. A perfect customizable gift for a would-be chef, self-styled jewellery maker, keen gardener, and other hobbyists who like to get their tops messy and covered in creative debris. Aabelard aprons are more than just workwear: they’re a symbol of a woman’s bravery to dream big – and make her dreams come true.


A Dream That’s Bound To Grow

Although Aabelard Aprons is yet to seize international limelight and bring full-fledged glory, profits and laurels home, Mrs. Hayward has huge plans for the brand’s future. As the founder, Philippa hopes Aabelard Aprons will soon become a byword for elegance and luxury gifting in and outside Britain – and based on the brand’s steadily rising popularity and scores of customers who’re head over heels in love with the lovely overalls, we’re bound to hear of the simple yet chic British-made apron’s wild ascent to global fame.

A romance between first-rate Italian leather and Scottish waxed cotton, Mrs. Hayward’s aprons are the new and improved face of premium-quality cooking workwear – and you can wear them outside the kitchen for bonus versatility points. Be it baking, goldmsmithing, gardening, jewellery making, carpentry, or just your average home cleaning, Aabelard aprons will always be there to keep you safe, slick, and stain-free. Still cooking your meals apron-less? Good luck with that.