New York is known and loved for an uncountable amount of great and beautiful things. Anyone who has ever visited New York would have felt it’s vibrancy and the limitless attitude of a New Yorker, and one thing that this city never seems to lack is “talent.” All over this fast-paced city the weird and the wonderful collide, and creativity and artistry seem to be bursting through the seams. We spoke to just this sort of creative talent when we caught up with the New York band ‘Village Psychic’ in our interview with its lead singer for this weeks Underground Acts Takeover.


[Image Source: VP Facebook]

It’s not everyday you hear a name like ‘Village Psychic’ for a band, so where did the inspiration for the name come from?

WILL [VP]: I used to live around the corner from a psychic in the East Village. I would walk past the storefront everyday.  They had a giant neon sign at the time that read “Village Psychic”. I was writing a lot from home back then, I guess I kind of adopted the moniker.

Tell us a bit about you guys and your music?

WILL [VP]: Village Psychic started out as a side project, for fun. In the first writing sessions there was just me and whoever may have been around my apartment messing around with synthesisers and Logic Pro.  After a couple years of casually crafting songs in my spare time from various musical endeavours, “Village Psychic” finally took shape.  Now Village Psychic is a live band as well as a studio project, here to bring sonic imagination to a new decibel.

Talk us through a typical day with VP?

WILL [VP]: After waking up and getting ready for the world, I usually procure a snack.  These days I try to grab a fresh juice or smoothie. While snacking I’m usually checking mixes, levels, or demos from the night before and/or from whatever project I’m working on at the moment.  After that, it’s either head to the studio or link up with band mates to rehearse for a few hours. Somehow lunch is squeezed in there. Then it’s either off to bartend or to a recording studio. If I don’t make it to a studio I’ll work on music from home.  The full-length album is taking up a lot of time at the moment, but worth every second.  Dinner is somewhere in there.

[Image Source: VPFacebook]

How long have VP been making music?

WILL [VP]: I think the earliest Village Psychic songs may have been crafted as early as 2009-2010. But I’ve been writing music “seriously” since 2006.

What comes first for you, the beat or the lyrics?

WILL [VP]: Sometimes it’s a melody, sometimes it’s a drum beat that comes first. On occasion I’ll start with lyrics, but usually it’s whatever is strongest in my mind at that moment.  Everyday is different.

What was the first album you bought?

WILL [VP]: The Beatles Anthologies Collection.  I believe I was 6-7 years old.

First concert?

WILL [VP]: Warped Tour 02

Who as an artist do you admire in the music scene?

WILL [VP]: Prince

Away from music for a moment but we have to ask you this, who is your absolute celebrity crush?

WILL [VP]: Ultimately it has to be Shakira.

[Image source: VP Instagram]

So far the acts we have spoken with have told us the importance of having the right amount of energy but does keeping fit play a role in your life as well if so how?

WILL [VP]: Yes, Definitely!  Performing the show is exhausting mentally and physically.  If you eat right and rehearse a lot it’s easy to be fit. You can also do more gigs. Your body is an instrument.  The better you treat it, the better it performs.

I can imagine that you guys don’t have many but how do you spend your down time/days off. What is a typical day off for you?

WILL [VP]: Scary movies, and good food. Music shops are always fun to hang out in. When we can, we like to get out of the city and hang out with nature.  There’s an infinite number of things to do in and around a city like New York.

Back to the music; where would be your dream place to perform?

WILL [VP]: The Colosseum

Who would you love to collaborate with and are there any collaborations in the works?

WILL [VP]: I would love to work with Rick Rubin. No official collaborations that I can announce yet…but watch this space..

Now you can tell us your future and let everyone know when and where are you next performing?

WILL [VP]: December 17th Brooklyn New York.  Details are on our website

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Edit & Words By: Florence Bailey