Last week DIFORM had the pleasure of interviewing the wonderful vocalist Zak Abel who led the way for our underground artists interviews this month. This week we managed to pluck the very talented London underground DJ Jake Burroughs-Catton otherwise known as ‘Just Jay’ away from his busy schedule. Jay spoiled us with his advice on music and all that is great about the life of an underground DJ. Take a look at what he had to say as our follow up act in this weeks Underground Acts Takeover.


[Image Source: Just Jay Productions ]

Tell us a bit about your music?

JJ: – My music is very varied; I stick to underground deep house music however as you may know, there are now a million and 1-sub genres!  I like to take it to a very techy house vibe then randomly drop in a known Hip-Hop vocal and progress into a bit of a G-House mashup.  When it comes to producing, I am still yet to find a vibe and sound I’m totally happy with, I’m still at the experimental stage, if you know what I mean?

Now we know you’re a festival-goer but which ones did you make this year?

JJ: – I do love a good festival, mud, beer and boobs!  But I didn’t really get to go to any this year as I traded that in for a summer in Ibiza… Sun, cocktails, bums + boobs… good trade I would say.

Which festivals have you played at?

JJ: – I did fly home to play a few festivals as it goes, 2 local ones to where I live, a charity festival called ‘Cazfest’ and another called ‘Stortfest’!  The biggest one I done was ‘WeAre FSTVL’ one of the biggest upcoming festivals in the UK where I got the opportunity to play alongside some huge names!

As an emerging artist is it difficult trying to combine being a DJ and a producer?

JJ: – I find DJ-ing and Producing two totally different arts so try to keep them separate, like I said above I’m still experimental when it comes to producing so am yet to discover the transition with combining the two

[Image Source: Just Jay Productions]

Have you mixed for anyone we ought to know about?

JJ: – I have mixed for Circus records at Egg, that was quite a big one, unfortunately I had to turn down a set for MixMag as I’m in Amsterdam. But sure something else will come up!  Also planning to get in the studio with Darius Syrossian in the future, something to look forward to!

Do you work with bands or singers as well?

JJ: – I work with a few vocalists, all unknown but very good… cant say much more, a good magician never reveals his tricks.

Any horror stories? What was your worst experience with an artist. Have you come across any Divas in the making?

JJ: – Not really any horror stories, I once ejected the CD that was playing, that was a little awkward when all the sound went off. Played a few venues that have had broken equipment, that’s always a challenge!  Divas, haha yes I’ve seen my fair share of them!

What was the first album you bought and we mean bought not downloaded for free?

JJ: – Totally out of context but when I was about 7/8 would have been ‘What’s the Story morning glory’ by ‘Oasis’ oh how my music tastes have changed…

First Gig?

JJ: – First gig was at a London warehouse rave! Dirty, Grotty, lots of creatures… just how I like it!

Who would you say right now in music really has your attention?

JJ: – Too many artists to name!  Josh Butler, No Artificial Colours, Amine Edge and Dance… all making some really unique music at the moment with a real floor filler vibe!

We have to ask are you a football fanatic?

JJ: – Wouldn’t say a fanatic, but everyone has to have a team right…

Now you know we spoke with Zak last week and asked a footy question so we are curious to know what football team do you support? Please don’t say Liverpool…

JJ: – HAHA nooo not Liverpool… West Ham is my team!

Biggest celebrity crush?

JJ: – Emma Watson… always been a fan of hers…

[Image Source: Just Jay Instagram]

If you ever have to be stranded on a Desert Island what would you take with you?

JJ: – Food, lots of food haha! Oh and a music studio with unlimited power supply!  Would be a wizz at making music with no influence apart from the sun, sea and sand!

If you had to have one person you were stranded with there who would it be?

JJ: – My mum, need my clothes washing, food cooking and bed making.

Now we’ve asked if you’re a footy fan, are you a fan of the Gym as well?

JJ: – No, cant stand the gym!  I like to find supplements to make me feel healthy, even though it probably does the opposite! That doesn’t mean I’m overweight however, still a strapping chap!

What is a healthy lifestyle by Jay’s 10 commandments?

JJ: – I’m not at all healthy… if you want a typical DJ Lifestyle I’ll give you 5;

1. Music keeps you moving

2. Sleep is something that comes few and far between, take full advantage of it!

3. Alcohol will ruin you, stay clear

4. RedBull is your friend

5. If RedBull fails find some alternative forms of energy enhancement

Back to the music; if you had to DJ anywhere in the world where would it be?

JJ: – So many places I aspire to play… Amnesia in Ibiza, Underground venues in Berlin, Anywhere in Miami or New York, and Chicago… they would all be unreal!

Who would you love to produce a song with and why?

JJ: – There are a few people I would like to work with and take inspiration from! MK has some great melodies, Amine Edge for the Baselines, Sidney Charles for the composition and Chris Lorrenzo for the engineering!

There are a lot of great artists around now but what makes a hit song for you?

JJ: – A song with a decent melody, massive baseline and chugging drum pattern! Top that with a sexy vocal (think Anabel Englund) and that to me is perfection.

What can we expect to see in the near future for Jay?

JJ: – You can catch me across Essex and London mainly, got a 2 date tour in Texas next May and in talks with some potential bookings in Miami and New York… fingers crossed!

If you had to advise any budding DJ’s?

JJ: – Work hard, but must importantly play harder!  Everyone loves a personality, if you enjoy and have a love for what you’re doing it really shows, so be a character and make yourself memorable!

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Edit & Words By: Florence Bailey