Remixes for the likes of Glashaus, James Arthur and Avicii, the producers of the critically acclaimed, triple platinum award winning song ‘Run Run Run’, and signed to Universal Music Sweden, Michael and Rochus Grolle make up the beguiling German electronic DJ duo Junge Junge.

This week we spoke to Junge Junge as they discussed becoming a part of the Universal family, the importance of good food, the tours and the best part of being a duo. Find out more in the interview below.


You recently commented that your latest single ‘’I’m The One” is a special song about being there to support the people you care about through difficult times – Particularly after hearing the verse “when the storm couldn’t hit any harder” – could you elaborate, was there a particular experience that drew you to write this song, that was the reason behind why you felt it was special?

M&R: We wrote the song together in the Ultra Music Producer Camp at ADE. The constellation was very good, and we had a lot of fun together in the studio. We also thought about other musicians who supported us on our journey.

Where in Germany are you both from?

Michael: Rochus grew up in Steinheim, which is a small village in the district of Höxter. Today he lives in Cologne. I grew up in Meerbusch, a small village near Dusseldorf. And still live there today.

What facilitated your move towards becoming DJ’s and spending time in Sweden? What were some of the differences you experienced between your German origins and Swedish culture?

M&R: Sweden has a very high affinity to house music and we were lucky to have Per Sundin discover our song “Beautiful Girl” on the beach. When we were going to Stockholm for the first time, we thought it might just be like Dusseldorf. We really like the food culture in Sweden, and the Swedish people are very lovable. We felt very comfortable there and were happy to have been given a place in the Universal Music Family. We could not imagine anything better.

How did you receive the news that you were signed to Universal Sweden, And that later you went platinum? Where were you both at the time?

M&R: We gave a song to a DJ on the beach, he played it twice. During this we were discovered by Universal Sweden. A few weeks later we all sat together in Stockholm and signed our contract with Universal Music.

Music speaks to people in many different ways as we all know, but what would you say speaks in your music. If you had to say that your music has a voice what would it be?

Michael: In any case emotions speak to us. Our music should take people on a great journey, we love emotional sounds. There is a kind of pop formula that gets under your skin, we like that in our productions. In the DJ sets its a bit more pushing.

On the longer tours how do you both find ways of having fun once the gigs are over and before the next show the following day? And we all know guys like to eat, so which one of you needs to be thrown out for emptying all the food reserves after a show?

Rochus: So Michael definitely likes good food. He once started training as a cook, and also worked as a chef for some time. Good food is very important for both of us. Your food choices each day affect your health — how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future.

We always have fun on tour, even if it’s stressful at times, there is still a lot of fun on the trails. And if you have the opportunity to rest in a hotel for a short time, we really look forward to recharge our batteries there. Swimming helps us to get fresh again. For good food before or after the show, we are both always very grateful.

You both have enjoyed very successful solo careers, and once you decided to collaborate together did you find that it organically came together or were there parts to tweak in the beginning stages?

It actually worked very well from the beginning, we speak a common language. It’s not just the music that connects us, a good friendship has emerged along the way. We both have the same interests and have also discovered a surprising number of parallels from our childhood. We could not imagine having a better partnership.

Did you both work on the Charlie Puth and Avicii remixes or were these individual projects?

Rochus: We worked on the songs together, these were remixes we were allowed to do. We are very grateful for all the remixes that we have been able to edit in those years. We already had great names alongside us. It’s a nice feeling when you can do a remix of a well-known song or well-known artist and then the artist likes it too. Time permitting, we always like to do one or the other remix.


Now we have to talk about the infamous Pacha, who many have often tried to duplicate but can only emulate. Did you find that the Ibiza crowd was probably one of the most epic crowds to entertain?

M&R: It was a great experience to play at Pacha in Ibiza, the club was full and it was really cool. But we had the biggest slot on the Magnetic, that was real madness. You are always very nervous before you go on the stage, but once you’re standing there and you’ve got your first mix done, you’re in it. It is difficult to concentrate on individuals during such big performances, there are just too many. But we love to play big gigs, the energy is very special. The only thing you have to get used to in big shows is the acoustics front stage, it always feels like it is quiet.

Now we have to mention your music videos “Beautiful Girl” and “Run Run Run”, both very different in styles but with a dark before the dawn tone in visuals, what was the story behind them and it’s creation?

Michael: The styles are a bit different because we worked on them with different producers. We always try to control the videos a bit and also create a certain style line. Like in our last song “Lonely”, which has been filmed in Barcelona, so it’s a bit different. Maybe we do the video of one of our next songs in our home country. There are plenty of good ideas for that.

Which of you has the final say on the creative decisions?

M&R: Actually, we always make the final decision together, We both have to be happy. Fortunately, we have no arguments when it comes to the finishing touches. We always speak the same language.

I can imagine that you have a bank of songs that for whatever reason you did not go with for release, but what happens to them? Are there ever times when you go back and sample something from them that maybe didn’t work in one place but that does within another song?

Michael: Of course, we have produced a whole range of songs that are gradually being released over time. In 2018 we will raise the volume a bit. The “Beautiful Girl” guitar riffs were written half a year earlier, the song as a whole was written half a year later. Who knows when things will be used. There is still some good songs you want to hear in our databases. It is definitely fun to call on old songs and to repack or to tackle on to new.

What can we expect to see for 2018 and What is the follow up to “I’m alone”, who can we expect to see you working with this year?

Rochus: This year, we will definitely have one or two artists collaborations. This stands next to our own singles, album one or the other project in the starting blocks. We are definitely grateful for finally being able to release our songs.