Break-neck brilliance. “

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“Catchy, interchanging guitar melodies topped with towering vocals. If this is where guitar music is heading then we’re all in for a treat.”


‘Best Music Video Award Winner’ Two Weeks Running

Holy Ghost

Rock The House Best Music Video Award’


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If you didn’t get the opportunity to check out our previous review on this band, then now is your chance to catch up. Following the release of the single ‘Holy Ghost’,

Two Weeks Running

have graced the radios with yet another epic single from their debut album ‘Human Nature’(due to be released on November 3rd). The track entitled ‘Bullet Train’is everything Indie Rock fans love about bands like ‘Two Weeks Running’. If you remember how excited you were when Kaiser Chiefs stepped onto the scene and gave us those head banging tracks like ‘Never Miss A Beat’ and ‘I Predict A Riot,’ well this is just as good!


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With Phil Alstead’s Vocals, Jon Wilkes and Joe Martos on Guitar, Alex Goulding on Bass, and Sam Goulding on Drums. The track opens with an explosive guitar rift and drum pattern that instantly sets you off on a fired-up journey. For those of you that have seen the opening credits for the movie Trainspotting with Ewan McGregor, will understand when I say that, “Bullet Train without a doubt is the track that should have been played for Trainspotting’s opening scene.”

This song is high-energy from start to finish and the lyrics of this track are both catchy and dynamic. Although ‘Bullet Train’ is a very vocal, guitar and drum driven rock track the faint element of the piano, particularly when we hear it in the end of the second verse accompanying the music, really allows the listener to visualize this song live with a full set band and just how huge this song could be performance wise. As the song draws to a close the momentum changes slightly with a crescendo that allows the listener to feel the raw energy of the music in itself adding maximum intensity. ‘Bullet Train’ is one of those songs that leave you waiting with eager anticipation for the video release and proud to say that this is a British band.


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With tracks such as this up and coming release it is easy to see why this band have already been compared to so many great bands and why they are creating such a buzz on the underground and commercial scene. Make sure to check out their latest single and book your tickets to see them live because this is a band you need to remember!


Saturday 1st November @ Night & Day, Manchester (EP Launch)

Monday 3rd November @ Camden Barfly, London



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