With the festival season in full swing, now is the best time to start putting together outfits and planning your hair and makeup. Music festivals are the perfect place to dress up; exploring new looks, expressing yourself through your appearance and being daring with makeup you normally wouldn’t wear. So we decided to count down our top favourite looks from the biggest makeup trends that are worth giving a go, to get the best festival look. From feathers to jewels and colour to neutrals, we have you covered for whichever look you decide to sport this festival season.

Left Image- Faces of Black Fashion, Centre Image- Pinterest, Right Image- Harper’s Bazaar.


For colours that stand out above the crowd, cobalt is a real winner and has proved to be a festival favourite in eye looks. The bright and vibrant hue immediately attracts attention and has been seen worn in a variety of ways, from a smoky wash all over the lid, to an opaque winged liner or even on the bottom lash line. Cobalt matches perfectly with warm toned berry lips and adding a nude gloss is the perfect way to dress it down. This look works particularly well with matte skin so that the eyes are the main focus so opt for a mattifying foundation rather than dewy and set with a powder for best results. For added interest you can find sticker adhesives and sequins to match at specialist makeup stores.


Left Image- Pinterest, Centre Image- Faces of Black Fashion, Right Image- Vogue.


Pairing a makeup look with the focus being on a head chain or headdress has emerged as a popular combination for more low key festivals where looking effortless is the ideal. Combine a white headdress with light makeup accents such as neutral makeup, nude lips and tribal inspired lines. If you feel like having a bit more fun with bright shades, pick out a couple of colours from the headdress and use them in your makeup look. For a more understated finish, pair a golden head chain with a bronzed makeup look, using antiqued gold for more depth. Traditional makeup is often replaced with paint to further enhance that festival vibe but a pro tip is to use coloured liner instead of paint then set it with a translucent powder for long lasting results.


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A festival is the perfect opportunity to pull out those crazy colours you have been dying to play with. Anything goes at a festival whether it is atomic orange eyes or splashes of colour all over; your face is the canvas for your artwork. The sky is the limit with so many options of painting on face masks, creating rainbow eye looks or bold lips. To get those colours as vibrant as possible, use a white base underneath first and then go over with your colour. Another way of achieving those eye catching strikes of colour is by starting with a cream product such as a MAC Paint Pot or MUF Flash Palette and then going over it with a corresponding eye shadow.


t Image- DH Gate, Centre Image- The Sweet 7, Right Image- The Hunt.


It is definitely not every day that wearing jewels on your face will not garner weird stares from strangers, except at a music festival where no one will look twice at the shiny colourful gems on your face. With an unlimited assortment of colours and looks you can achieve, just a few examples are pictured above. You can use jewels to create shapes and add effects underneath your eyes or the most popular example of placing them leading up from your cheekbones to your temple. These jewels are best applied with acrylic adhesive or even eyelash glue. Please be advised that super-glue for obvious reasons should not be used as a substitute adhesive.


Left Image- Pinterest, Centre Image- Pinterest, Right Image- Lash Lamour.


Nothing screams festival more than feathers and they can add incredible texture to a makeup look and for that reason it is our No.1 top festival look. Matching bright colourful feathers with a neutral lip and smoky eye look creates the perfect balance where your makeup is understated and the feathers do the talking. For a very wearable way of incorporating feathers pair some monochrome feathers with an antiqued gold eye and peach lip or apply a fierce winged liner and go natural with the skin.

Whichever makeup look you end up wearing make sure you love it because it is all about self-expression and creativity. Who knows, you may even end up creating a new trend.

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Words By Beauty Writer: Jordan Cannon
Editor: Florence Bailey