Gone are the days when the likes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were the proud wearers of the socialite crown. There are now fresh new faces to watch, and even if you’re feeling reluctant to do so and try to avoid it, they will be there. Every Vogue article, every page six, every party, front row and Fashion Week – all they need is a field to be built, and they will come. Hence, we are left with few choices – to hate them, love them, love to hate them, or choose door number four – set aside our personal feelings towards them, and just enjoy the fashion inspiration they’re so generous to share with the rest of the world. They may be many things, positive and negative, but devoid of style is not one of them. Therefore, let’s press pause on everything else and discover how we can use their fashion power for our personal style upgrading purposes.

When Snow White meets Blair Waldorf



If the two fictitious characters were to be embodied in real life, that embodiment would look precisely like Nell Diamond. The heiress supreme turned entrepreneur is known for her wealth, her successful business and impeccable sense of style. Her long impeccable brown hair is always sleek and perfect even in spontaneous photos, and she is always dressed the part. Whether she’s at a ski resort, sitting ‘casually’ at a quaint café or posing for her brand, she looks like old Hollywood divas came back to life. What we admire most about her style is the ability to incorporate retro silhouettes, gentle pastels and supreme tailoring into everyday life with ease, always looking polished but not overdone, and still exude a contemporary vibe even when in a “‘50s wife” attire. It only goes to show that, when you have the confidence, you can defy the times you live in.

Keep up



We’ve watched (or avoided watching her) grow up in front of cameras, and witness her blossom from socialite to one of the highest-paid models of today. Of course, we’re talking about Kendall Jenner. On the runways, she is a complete chameleon, that much can be said, but off-duty, she is the undeniable queen of street style.  Bella Hadid may be the queen of athleisure, but Kendall is the epitome of classic American casual, and as this is one of the most relatable and wearable styles for most, attention must be paid. Although she doesn’t shy away from crop tops and classic skinny jeans, which are fairly easy to mix, what we love about her style the most is her ability to look casual with a touch outrageous at the same time. For instance, the seemingly casual outfit comprised of ripped boyfriend jeans and a blazer is made all the more interesting and bold by the choice of a sheer top. Kendall is a huge fan of the #freethenipple movement, but if you’re not feeling as bold, you can channel at least segments of her looks by always carrying a designer bag. You can find her favorite bags by Calvin Klein online, or browse for some other favorites, such as Givenchy and Celine. Killer specs are mandatory no matter what you are wearing.  

The tomboy



To the older generation, Sofia Richie is known as the daughter of the legendary Lionel Richie. To millennials, she’s known as socialite turned model. Unlike our previous socialite who doesn’t allow even a smudge of creasing on the clothes, Sofia is known for pushing the boundaries of casual and athleisure. She is the girl most often spotted with “messy hair-don’t care” style, along with her seemingly unintentionally dungarees and slouchy tees. The first lesson she is teaching us is – with the right attitude you can pull anything off. The second lesson is a better one – we don’t have to nurture one style only. Sofia, as they say, “cleans up real nice” especially for important events. From outrageous backless dresses to Madonna-inspired satin peach gowns, and Bulgari necklaces she seems to be able to pull off anything. However, the third style lesson is by far the best – whatever you’re wearing, make sure not to let the clothes wear you. As evident, whether in a tracksuit or couture gowns, Richie always wears everything in her nonchalant careless style, and by doing so, she’s making every look, no matter how mainstream, her own.

Every decade, it seems, can be epitomized by so-called “It girls.” Their staple could be scandalous or privileged lifestyle, but their impeccable fashion sense is without any doubt the characteristic we could look up to.