Men should still take their fashions seriously when dating and here’s how


You have been chatting to a girl for some time, say a month or two, and you have finally managed to secure that first date with her. So, what are you going to wear on your first date, and even subsequent ones if you are lucky enough, and what should you avoid? The biggest advantage with men when it comes to fashion is that they do not have much choice, so the chance of making a fashion mistake is 50/50. That being the case, the right fashion can tip the odds in their favor. Remember, you only get a single chance to make a great first impression, so you cannot afford to make avoidable mistakes on your first date or even on subsequent ones.

Here is some top dating fashion tips for men:


Put on well-fitting clothes

The amount of money you spent on your clothes is not too important, but rather how they fit you. It is a fashion gaffe to have your date distracted by loose and baggy outfits. The ideal thing is to have a fitted silhouette, not one that is skin-tight, in which case your clothes hug your body without squeezing it. Some good pieces of outfits that are perfect include a slim-button down shirt, a custom-made dinner jacket, and straight-leg jeans. You must ensure that you wear the clothes and not have the clothes wear you.

Be keen on the details

Surprisingly, the small things are the ones that get noticed most times, so before leaving your house, ensure that everything is in order. Such details include ironing that last wrinkle, removing every last piece of lint by brushing it, and having only the acceptable number of buttons open on your shirt, which should be two or three at maximum. Paying attention to such small details will make you more confident of yourself and make your date appreciate how attentive or keen to detail you are to pull off such a great look. You will give the impression that you can handle serious relationships and even one that can culminate into marriage.

Be more inclined to dark or neutral colours

Muted colors give you a sophisticated and stable looks. These colors ensure that the focus is on the conversation and yourself, but not on your outfit. You are also better off with dark-coloured jeans. You should always go for dark wash. It is worth noting that daytime dates are more accommodating regarding colours and washes, so take the advantage and have a bit of fun exploring.


Use a little spritz of cologne

Smelling good is as critical as dressing correctly. All you need is a slight spray of your favourite cologne to make a simple but strong and lasting impact. It is advisable to do one spray on the inside of your shirt and another on the outside, close to your neck. You have to be careful not to overdo the cologne because it would not be your intention to have the smell fill and overpower the room.

Put on clean shoes

The importance of clean shoes cannot be overemphasised. The best thing is that getting clean shoes is pretty easy. For dress shoes, you need a quick black or brown polish and they will look like new ones. If you choose sneakers, ensure that all the signs of wear and scuff marks are completely gone.

You must not be caught wearing some things on a date, for example, hats and sunglasses when on an indoor date. You also need to avoid open-toe shoes, hoodies, and t-shirts, especially for a first date. It is also crucial to avoid clothes with funny prints and crazy patterns. Most importantly, ensure that you are comfortable in whatever outfit you choose to wear. Otherwise, you may be so uneasy or squeezed that you miss the fun and sweet moments. So there you have it, our key fashion tips for men dating that are full proof and sure to make the whole dating process easier and don’t be afraid to let us know some of your fashion hacks when dating.