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Design GuideAccent And Characterise Your Home Through The Beauty Wall Art 



No one wants to look at a blank wall throughout the day and this is why wall art plays such a crucial role in decorating the wall. Once we start brainstorming and experimenting with different ideas and designs, the home turns brighter and more beautiful. Be it vintage maps or picture ledges, designer wall art inspires the inmates of the home and makes visitors drool.

Few Décor Ideas To Interest Your Guests:

1. Potted Plants / Wall Hangings

Those who have little space in their modern apartments can opt for succulents hanging in the living room or a few small potted plants.

This gives the room a warm ambience. For those who are not planting lovers as such, a bright bold wall hanging adds life to an empty wall. Many hang up their objects of passion on the bedroom or living room walls. While teenagers hang up the posters of their favorite sports personalities or music legends, others may hang up their guitar collection too.

Potted Plants

2. Books

Many families have their personal collection of books that have been handed down over generations. These may include Classics as well as paperbacks. For readers, putting up their collection of books is a matter of pride. Investing in a beautifully styled book shelf adds a definite character to the walls and is a kind of designer wall art for the intellectual.


3. Wall Motifs And Artworks

For those who love to get their creative juices flowing, there is nothing like investing a weekend which is full of art. So, many are found to pick up the color pallet and paint the walls of the rooms with bright hues. Doing up the wall with a mandala art also looks good. If there is an artist in the family or in a class in the school, sketches and paintings can adorn the walls. With self-designed art work, the walls burst with a personality. An entire wall can also be designed with natural motifs and designs that one loves, which can be flowers, mountains or trees. For those who love geometric designs, a blank canvas can be painted with the geometric shapes of contrasting yet complementary colors. This contributes to a different kind of designer wall art. Also, it is always advisable to draw the pattern in a pencil before filling in the colors or using the ink outline. A favorite bright scarf which has been damaged at the ends can have the bottoms snipped off and a square piece turned into a unique artwork and framed. A few such framed artwork add character to the walls. Gallery walls are very impressive and using a large number of framed photos and artwork in complementary color combinations gives a professional look. This is very apt for office spaces. Uplifting word art is perfect for a teenager’s room or office receptions.

There are many who opt for recycled calendar art. The beautiful pictures of the glossy calendar do not go to waste but are framed and adorn the walls of a home without much investment involved in designer wall art.

Wall Motifs And Artworks

4. Ledges

An empty wall adorned with ledges can show off family pictures, curios, and souvenirs collected on holidays. A small vase with a few dry flowers is just perfect to add a soft touch. In fact, almost anything small and quaint can be perched on these ledges.


5. String Lights

It is now the trend to decorate a part of the wall with a string of lights. It not only brightens up the rooms but adds some magic to the home as well mini clothes pins, when attached to this string, allows us to hang our favorite and funky pictures. This is the new designer wall art and very popular with youngsters.

String Light

Adding a definite character to the walls of a home or office space is an exciting project. It becomes more exciting when the home ideas are crafted with our own hands and the outcome is a fantastic piece of designer wall art.