Tolu Coker

This Seasons Merit Award Winner Tolu Coker Presented At London Fashion Week For Fashion Scouts

Tolu Coker, Laura De Meo 6

Photo Credit:  Laura De Meo

Tolu Coker was the proud recipient of the AW19 Merit award, and it is plain to see why. Her work, is not only strikingly beautiful but also deeply personal. Her collections seem to follow her life chronologically as her earlier work ‘Replica’ gauges in 1970’s aesthetics, the time in which her parents first moved to London.

She uses her old pictures from her family life, combined with modern styles to flesh out a collection that colourfully, yet prominently addresses issues of race and identity.




Tolu Coker, Laura De Meo 3 (1)

Photo Credit:  Laura De Meo

Her work is filled with sporadic snippets from newspapers and illustrated faces to further enhance identity. This collection in particular is named ‘Juvenile Consciousness’ apparent in the buoyancy expressed in the models that dance up and down the catwalk. There is a real buzz coming from them captured through the runway and the models interactions with the audience as they walked down the runway aisles with expressions that conveyed the naivety and innocence of youth. Perhaps implying that despite social issues constantly playing a crucial role in our lives, we should aim for positivity; wear our problems but not be them.

There is a real 90’s feel to her display fraught with flares, bright bucket hats, deconstructed denim and large silver jewellery pieces. The collection although politically charged serves as urban yet chic attire. Music also featured massively within her work as her models paraded the catwalk to 90’s hip hop, often holding up boomboxes to the audience, Tolu does not only want to be seen she wants to be heard and this show spoke volumes for her award winning collection.