Fall Fashion

The summer has gone by way quicker than any of us have anticipated, hasn’t it? You may feel as though you still haven’t got round to wearing all of those gorgeous summer ensembles, luxurious evening dresses and those fabulous safari caftans, I still feel that way, especially with the caftans I bought in Abu Dhabi a few months ago, and now here I am – thinking about the type of sweater to wear tomorrow and with the change in weather and pace we look to constructive ways of getting over our summertime sadness. So, why not incorporate your beautiful summer wear into the upcoming colder, fall days? With these tips on how to manipulate your summer wear and turn it into fabulous fall outfits.

Say YES to cardigans


Ever since the Kardashian sisters brought cardigans into the spotlight of street wear, they’ve become key elements of almost all modern wear. They not only add a glamorous touch to virtually any piece of clothing but they are super practical to combine with everything from jeans to bodycons.

I love the idea of a floral maxi summer dress paired with a thicker cardigan in a single color on top. Its (thick) material will keep you warm, the length of it will create drama and the florals of your summer dress will still hint the beautiful warm days behind us.

Get your boot action going


We can resist the fall all we want but once we get the chills – it’s time to get the boots out. Though not all is lost. There’s always a way to bring a little summer into your boot action and the best way to do so is to pair up your graphic summer dress with the boots of your choice. Or, you can always go with a one-piece, baggy, above-the-knee tunic and your preferred shoewear; I am leaning towards knee-length but the ankle-boot works just as fine if you want to show off a little leg. So, wear something light, easy and breezy on top (anything that whispers summer to you) and opt for comfy, fabulous shoewear to keep you warm but complement the look. Wear light makeup with a lot of bronzer for contour – you’re still channeling summer, after all.

Trust the accessories


Accessories are everything, regardless of the season! They’ll help you upgrade even the dullest of outfits in a second – as long as you pick the right one(s), of course. Going on your dinner date – wear your summer off the shoulder top with a pair of tight jeans in a light color and a pair of fabulous ankle boots or closed-toe sandals.

For a summer upgrade, trust your Urban Originals to give you the right boost of confidence we all need sometimes. I personally own the brand’s turquoise wallet green bag that always makes me feel that little bit more exclusive. And, the fact that all of their products are made of vegan leather brings things to an even higher level. The key is to find that one accessory that works with any combo and manages to make you feel powerful every time, regardless of the season. For me, it’s my turquoise bag.

Know your color palette

The transition between summer and fall isn’t only tricky due to the materials we wear; the color palette changes almost entirely. Therefore, if you combine things well, you’ll get to keep the summer in your stride for a few more months, for sure.

Opt for colors like sand yellow, mustard, deep mauve, emerald, royal blue and similar tones. They are evocative of summer just enough for you not to look weird wearing them in the early fall. A flowy Safari blouse combined with a tight dark skirt will take you a long way, especially if you add a pair of fabulous sunnies to the mix. Emerald flowy skirt paired with a tight tuck-in top and a leather jacket works every time. Get playful with your elements and you’ll see where things go!

These were my ace suggestions but please feel free to add your notes, as well!