…The People Came For Tink




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At only 20 years of age to have a vision to propose herself as more of a teacher than simply a singer, songwriter/rapper, to those of her generation; with a conscious view that it is not only a duty but a right to express more than what is already en-masse, as a public person, and the need to deliver a message in each song she produces. The term ‘young head on old shoulders’ comes to mind, setting Tink apart from many artists that we already devote our music libraries to.

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…If Hill was the singer who could rap, perhaps Tink is the rapper who can sing.



Being introduced to Tink’s music through a friend who expressed an intense enthusiasm for Tink – a level of enthusiasm of which I was concerned that I may have to rush them to A&E –  after they had heard Around The Clock in 2014. Admittedly at the time, with many young promising female solo-artist, it was difficult to do anything other than to sit watch and wait for Tink’s progression. But track, after track, after track, Tink never let music fans down with an ability that need never be overlooked. Tink’s voice is comfortable, pure and controlled without the need of exerting clever arias or force, in order to reach particular notes when she sings, keeping just the right amount of strength in her vocals in order to bring out the best of her style. Making the listener aware that this woman knows exactly what she is doing with her sound and her abilities and as FADAR magazine expressed in a recent piece on Tink “If Hill was the singer who could rap, perhaps Tink is the rapper who can sing”. – FADAR .

This artist Ratchet Commandments is less of a rant and more a rule book of what should be avoided in terms of common stereotypes and behaviors. “Thou shalt not lie upon a bible”, “Thou shalt not pacify the truth”, some of the verses explicitly stated as some of the commandments Tink presents in this track. Verses which should be considered as the basic principles that many of us, particularly with the younger generation, fall far from. However, the verses alone are not the reasons why you will fall in love with the song it’s the combination of the Notorious B.I.G flow to introduce the song and the Timbaland production/cameo that make this song worth its weight in gold.  

Tink’s recent reintroduction of  One In A Million in an impressive take on one of the songs that we best remember the beloved Aaliyah Haughton for. The same song of which also showcased Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Ginuwine together with a few artists from Blackground Records in their prime. Though many remixes and remakes have been produced from the One In A Million song Tink’s interpretation breaths new life and new love of the original version whilst still embodying Tink’s very own style. However, once you turn your stereos to the sounds of ‘Tell The Children’, officially Tink set the bar of what we can expect to hear from Tink and future material. Proving to all what she has, as an artist, to bring to music as a rapper as well as a vocalist.

After hearing her freestyle on the infamous Breakfast Club interview it was hard to not become fully engaged in what should be exemplified as the equivalent of this generation’s Lauryn Hill. To say that this lady can sing is an understatement and with the omnipotent Timbaland himself stamping his seal of approval all over the Tink camp, who are we to not take note and listen. Seldom do I get as excited as I am from the depths of all the passions one can have for music about a solo-female artist, but after having listened to her most recent works, Tink, as Timbaland would put it ‘Is The One!’