Music Review


For centuries, the topic of love has been written into countless songs, poetry, and even modern movies. When it comes to these feelings and emotions towards a new partner, there’s always a possibility that one can become somewhat tunnel-visioned in the initial stages of a romance. It’s even possible that one may compromise their own personal boundaries for the sake of being in a relationship and not wanting to be in an emotional state of loneliness. Having healthy boundaries within a relationship is extremely important because if there exists the dynamic of one partner exuding control over the other and not respecting boundaries, this type of dysfunctional relationship is one that doesn’t allow love to fully and deeply grow nor does it offer freedom within the relationship itself. These boundaries cover many important aspects of one’s identity and what is considered the permissible ways for others to behave towards them as well as the ways in which one will respond should someone (a romantic partner or otherwise) cross those limits. In his single, ‘Twisted’, Tim Chance captures the emotions of being enthralled in a love that can seem somewhat crazy or even downright insane at times, with his own southern country sound.

Tim Chance is a country and hip-hop singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, who was raised in the bars and honky-tonks in Nashville around many of Country Music’s wildest. David Allan Coe gifted a Speak-n-Spell to Tim at a very young age, which he used in order to learn how to read. Born as Timothy C. Smith in the mountains of Huntington, West Virginia, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of four, he is the son of entertainers Tim and Pauline Smith. Tim’s mother, Pauline Smith, was known for organizing and hosting Country Music talent shows in numerous Nashville venues, as well as being credited for the invention of the guitar pick earring. By the age of seven, Tim was singing on stage, competing, and winning at places like Barbra’s on world-famous Printers Alley and the Country Music Hall Of Fame Bar and Lounge right off of Nashville’s Music Row. His mother was close friends with and helped numerous successful artists including Tim McGraw,  his Godmother Tanya Tucker, Confederate Railroad, John Michael Montgomery, and Toby Keith to name only a few. Sadly though, she passed away from cancer when Tim was only 13 years old. Tim’s father, Tim Smith, is a world-class guitar player who has played with Country Music legends such as Gene Watson, Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Mickey Gilley, and many more. Growing up around so much music has made it natural for him to write, sing, and perform having literally played every venue in Nashville including the Municipal Auditorium and Bridgestone Arena.


Tim started producing music in 1999 and has since become a well-respected force within Nashville’s music community by being instrumental in the signing of numerous Nashville record and publishing deals for artists with Music Row’s most prestigious record labels and publishing companies. He has become one of the strongest, hardest working, and current innovators in Music City.

Tim’s single ‘Twisted’ features lightning-fast acoustic guitar riffs, a subtle rhythm beat, smooth/silky vocals, an acoustic guitar solo complete with bends reminiscent of the late Chuck Berry, and The Dancehall Doctors, which are most well known for being Tim McGraw’s original band. When asked about the story behind his single, Tim responds, “I had originally done the song with a friend, Mike Geiger, for an act he was producing for Curb Records called Martin Ramey. The original version we did was just a smokin’ guitar vocal and whenever I was in the studio, I would pull the song up and use it to warm up my voice. When I got to working with Dave Aron, he said ‘You’re one of the best rappers I’ve ever heard but you gotta lock down your backyard first (Nashville). Do you have any straight-up country hits?’ I said, ‘ I got this one.'”

Being so young and so accomplished, it got me curious if the powerhouse musician had any wise insights and asked if there is a single message that he would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that he would aspire to live in, what would that message be and why is that message so important, Tim replies, “Just don’t forget the people who helped you along the way, and share your bananas. If everyone loved just a little, there would be less room for hate. And remember, true family isn’t necessarily just blood, and joke a lot. Proactive goodness leaves less room for negative and smiling makes you happier, healthier and wiser, bud.”