Suit inspirations for the new season

The sunshine has finally surfaced and looks that we are sporting have definitely changed along with it but for those of us whose summers are packed with wedding after weeding or event after event for us gentlemen we need to make sure that we have the right suit game for not only the right event but for the right look and if like me you are one who loves colour then here are three great looks that will improve your suit game.


1. Light-blue-linen suit

With a light-blue-linen suit you can never go wrong right, especially during the summer. It’s a rich-colour that fits very nice during the summer-days. Wearing linen is the best-option during summer because it’s a light and comfortable material. It’s easy and comfortable to wear and you don’t have the feeling of wearing something very heavy. That’s why a linen-suit might be your best option during the hot-summer-days. A light-blue-version fits perfect with some pair of loafers or with some white-sneakers. Further more you can mix your linen-blazer with a white-shirt or just with a light-blue-shirt. Light-blue is a colour that is perfect for summer and you can mix with it other colours like: red, blue, white and even beige. So a light-blue-linen suit is a good suggestion for warmer seasons. You can wear during the outdoor dinner-evenings. Or during a that long awaited boat-trip.


2. Grey-linen-suit

Who says: you can’t wear dark-colours during summer? If you want to create your own personal-style you don’t always have to follow the rules right? Are rules not made to be broken? Grey is very neutral-colour so it’s always a more safe-option. If you’re not sure that wearing a light-blue-linen suit is your colour or style, then a grey-linen-suit is a great safe bet. With a Grey-linen-suit you always have a suit that fits good with material that is comfortable to wear. You can wear a grey-linen-suit during the day and also when you have dinner or events in the evening. You will always have dapper look in a grey-linen-suit and you can wear it with sneakers, loafers, or just with your favourite derby shoes. In my opinion the grey-linen-suit is the most safe-option if you not sure of other colours like: Blue, green, or beige for example. Beside’s that when you buy a grey-linen-suit you do the right investment for the long-term.


3. Beige-linen-suit

Last talk about the last option, from what I think is a good go-to-suit option. If you’ve ever thought about wearing a beige-linen-suit? Or a suit that is simply more safe and formal? Then a beige-linen-suit is one of the best option if you think about a long-term-investment. Beige is always a great colour to wear during the summer-days. Beige always give’s that summer feeling and you really feel that you are wearing something light. Beige is very easy to mix with a light-blue-shirt or with a white-shirt. So this suit also give’s you options and versatility when wearing it. You can pair with your white-sneakers or with your favourite loafers as well. In my option it’s the perfect suit for the more private-occasions and can also work if you want to switch from t-shirts and shorts from time to time during summer.

These are our top three suits looks that we take your suit game up a notch so tell us what you think? You may have your very own tailored look, and we would love to see it, so share your suit inspirations with us. But for the suit novice we hope that we gave you a few new inspiring looks for this new seasons look.