Men’s Fashion: Get this seasons look 

As we say goodbye to summer and the hot days. It’s time to change our wardrobe from summer-clothes to Autumn/Winter clothes. After checking out what we’ve seen ahead for the latest trends we dive into all the possibilities for the autumn Trends for men this season. 

Men In Black


When we saw these black-looks. We were over the moon. Classic black looks are always good to wear. It’s totally fashionable from head to tow. But at the same time, black-outfits have their classic signature. The looks seen above are all looks from designer Hedi Slimane for Celine. The signature comes really back in his collection. If you’re planning to wear more black, then this autumn season is the right time to wear it. With a couple of black-outfits in your wardrobe, you will be on trend this upcoming season. So if you have no other inspiration for this seasons look then ‘Men in black’ are a good ‘go-to’ outfit for this Fall season.

Think Pink


If you think that pink is only for woman. You are so wrong! This Autumn season ‘think pink’ is what men will do. This might be not the first color that you think of when it comes to menswear. But this color is making huge steps in the menswear section. Pink is no longer just for woman, nowadays men can wear it just as well as any woman can as well. From pink sweater to pink jackets. This is the most-trendy color men can wear this season. If you want to step out of your comfort zone then this is the color you should try this autumn 2019. Not to mention that playing with different colors could be interesting. Beside’s that fashion should not always be serious it should be fun as well and Pink gives your wardrobe more options for this Fall season 2019.

Illustrated Knitwear


Don’t you agree that knitwear without illustrations can be boring? Now this Autumn we are able to wear knitwear with illustrations. It’s the season of knitwear with prints included. So if you want to make a statement you can mix your trouser with an illustrated knitwear and maybe even pair them on top of those after summer t-shirts with prints if you are feeling bold. Make sure the rest of your outfit is simple and safe so your illustrated knitwear-piece gets the attention that you wanted.

Leather Season


Leather pants, leather jackets, leather-look from head to toe. And you are good to go. We are curious who dares to wear a full-leather look? It’s a very heavy, but with if you are bold enough to wear a full pink look you can take on a full-leather look. Fashion is not only about having fun and play with different colors. It’s also about taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time. So what better way to do it and confirm your masculinity than with a deep leather-outfit look that’s sure to increase your street style credibility.

Oversized Puffers.


As the Autumn season is coming. You can’t go outside without a good jacket and it’s all about oversized puffers. Now I for one am very happy that these jackets are back in stock everywhere. It’s a jacket that you can wear on a daily basis. This jacket is perfect for these rainy-and windy-days during the cooler seasons. The funny thing is that really are jackets from head to toe. So you can protect your whole outfit. Beside’s that these oversized puffers are in different colors and cozy as well. So in this case function and fashion are seen working together.

So with all these trends for the upcoming autumn season, we can change our wardrobe from Summer to Fall with bags of inspiration to lead our way. So as we prepare ourselves for the windy days and rainy days as well we dress to embrace the new season while keeping our look on trend.