Image Source: Evan Desmond Yee

From London to New Yorktech companies’ are fast becoming the buzzword in the startup sector. Each battling to be the leading start-up for consumers in either innovation, minimalism, functionality or creativity, many of which will aim to give you all four, but with such a competitive industry, often with relatively high stakes, seldom do tech start-up’s achieve relative success (with the tech start-up shelf life being approximated at 36 months before liquidation). Creating innovative ways, whilst still in keeping to the core focus of the business, to engage it’s audiences and keep the bloggers blogging, the twitters tweeting and the Facebookers voyering is a far stretch, unless your names are Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzner that is, and you just so happen to own a lucrative tech company for start-ups working with start-ups and run by entrepreneurs. From the prestigious streets of New York’s Soho in the very luxurious offices with influences that air hints of the more ketch new England style in its décor, the award winning app design and development company Fueled have taken the bold creative step of partnering with artist Evan Desmond Yee to produce an artistic experiential installation art piece ‘The Apple Store’, turning one of the rooms in the Fueled headquarters into a mock Apple Store that mocks technology. The exhibit aims to be a commentary on start-ups and tech culture, within a tech-based collective of individuals and has already begun to cause social interests. Bedford + Bowery describing, “interactive displays showcasing, warped, retro-futuristic versions of Apple products and apps-come-to-life” (read full article here). Whilst Wall Street international coin the exhibit as a twisted, dystopian Apple Store like you’ve never seen before”(Read full article here)

Image Source: The Design Writer

Photo credit: SoAm Studios

Evan Desmond Yee, best know for his Utopian exploration of today’s idealism’s through his work; though by definition Yee is a sculpture, this contemporary artists array of skills have allowed the fusion of installation, photography and sculpting. Combining Fueled’s impressive portfolio of brands (which range from start-up’s to premium) along with their focus on technology made for a fluid collaboration, communicated brilliantly through ‘The Apple Store’ pop-up exhibition, which cleverly encompasses satirical underpinnings of all that we the consumer, known, love and that have become daily annoyances in our lives with regard to the apple era. If you happen to stroll through the wonderful streets of Soho it is well worth visiting this inspirational network of creatives and taking a look at this installation piece. To support this exhibition other pieces ambiguously highlighting our social idioms are additionally placed around the open work-space giving the space a more gallery-esque feel. Overall this particular installation is an example of where tech meets beauty and the bold, giving the audience the complete faux-Apple experience or should we say the Yee-Fueled experience.

Image Source: Fueled Blog