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“It’s heavy, catchy, weird, and both critics and fans struggle to compare their music to anything or anyone. Therefore, it’s great”

Noisey VICE

Bursting into the music industry with their official signing to Road Runner Records in 2013, Becca MacintyreJack Bottomley, Josh Macintyre, Sam Macintyre and Will Bottomley make up the sensational British alternative Rock Metal quintet Marmozets. And according to the Daily Mail Marmozets are statistically predicted by Next Big Soundto be one of 2016’s successful bands.

Although not unique to Rock or Punk music, with the likes of Debby Harry, Janis Joplin, Chrissie Hynde and Skarllet, the refreshing use of Frontwoman Becca Macintyre for this band, has brought to the scene something that sets them aside from current and legendary commercial British rock bands. Hannah Ewens described Marmozets music as “It’s heavy, catchy, weird, and both critics and fans struggle to compare their music to anything or anyone. Therefore, it’s great”. – Noisey VICE. Last year Jonathan Markwell from Hit The Floor stated “Marmozetshave this incredible ability to just switch the style of their music in the click of a finger. Going from calm and catchy to raucous and dangerous” – Hit The floor.

This band has already been able to add performances at Glastonbury, Reading and currently their major tours in Australia and Japan, to their accolade of achievements. Marmozets are literally maturing right before the public eyes, into the well deserved critically acclaimed rising band that many music fans and articles have professed them to be and given their age it seems they are just gearing up for global success.

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“Kerrang! Best Album Award, The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets


With a metal scream that is just as robust and energized as Chester Bennington’s and as worthy as Corey Taylor’s, Becca Macintyre’s metal scream is a force to be reckoned with. An exceptionally talented vocalist with a range that has the ability to go from haunting and melodic sirens to catchy funky rhythmic tones to suddenly hard death metal roars. A voice, that at times can make you feel as though eight days of PMS and hormonal malfunction all hit in one day and those around should immediately take cover. Nonetheless, does not change the fact the Becca Macintyre’s voice is truly outstanding.

Marmozets complicated compositions that guitarist Jack Bottomeley, Sam Macintyre, bass player Will Bottomeley and drummer Josh Macintyre create, call for the sort of inconceivable talent and right amount of synergy, which produces an unmatched quality and death-defying sound of music, that this double sibling band have managed to deliver with ease.

Their debut album most recently won the “Kerrang! Best Album Award, The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets.” You need only listen to tracks like, ‘Move Shake Hide’ and ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ from the debut album, not to mention their previous cover of Morissey’s ‘Irish Blood English Heart’ as well as the song ‘The Perfect Beverage’ from their previous EP Passive Agressive, to confirm Marmozets superior skills. Though some songs from the album may not resonate with everyone, overall the album reaffirms why The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets has now been deemed award winning.

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This quintet are the type of band that once they hit the stage the entire environment transforms into new dimensions, shifting the audiences mood to yield to whatever emotion Marmozets have agreed that its audience should feel. And from the steady pace of success and continually growing and dedicated fan-base, it looks as though Next Big Sounds2016 predications on this band may materialize.

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