It would appear that the poor Ugg boots just can’t catch a break; one moment they’re the toast of the fashion town, the next they are shunned and looked down upon. Countless memes ridiculing them, and if you are a fan of Modern Family, you probably even remember an episode in which Haley’s new boyfriend goes on a fake date with a tabloid reporter just to make sure she doesn’t publish a photo of Haley wearing Uggs. However, the tables are turning, and it is safe to say that not only are the Ugg boots having a moment in the spotlight, but they now come in a supersized version that can virtually make for half of your outfit.

From the grocery store go-to to an airport statement



Of course, we have trendsetters such as Rihanna to thank for the revival of the boots in question. After all, she is responsible for setting numerous new and reviving so many old trends. Now, if we are to base our judgment on Riri, it appears that you not only have to own a pair of Uggs, but also to rock an epic ‘don’t care’ look wearing these. Regular leggings and a hoodie simply won’t cut it if you want to get away with the look.

No, it has to be big and it has to be over-the-top. Just look at the mixture of prints and patterns on Rihanna’s jackets and choice of bags, and the idea will become a whole lot clearer. Still, the girl who can pull off almost anything isn’t the only one embracing the trend – Sienna Miller has also been spotted rocking her version of the Ugg-inclusive look, although her choice of attire is one slightly more understated and features a pair of boyfriend jeans and an impactful fur jacket. Both did a great job in their own unique ways, such a good job that it actually makes you consider purchasing a pair of your own, doesn’t it? Surely enough we could ride the momentum and use the amazing ladies fashion pieces, such as the ones from Rockmans, to create stunning looks with these amazing boots.


Look at them runways



Ok, so these it-girls rocked the boot and made the look their own, but the one thing we must take note of is that the boot they were using is the kind we’ve been familiar and loved and hated for decades now. The Ugg boots that are quite debatable are the supersized, ‘on steroid’ Uggs we’ve been able to spot on the runways. Namely, during Paris Fashion week an elephantine and thigh-high version strutted down the runway, and the more surprising element is that they were worn by not women, but men.

According to the footwear brand’s designer Glenn Martens, they feel like putting your thighs in butter’. Everyone who’s ever worn them can’t argue with the fact that they’re perhaps the coziest most comfortable and warm pair of boots to date, and even certain Vogue editors state that perhaps they would be willing to give them another spin around the block, but do we truly need them to be larger than life, literally? Granted, Balenciaga Crocs have even clawed their way onto the runways and were reportedly sold out before they even came out, but it’s almost certain that only those most eccentric and boldest fashionistas will dare to wear them.

What to do?



They’re here, and perhaps they’ll go away like they’ve done time and time before, but what do we do in the meantime? Are the ugly shoes that usually have the trendy lifespan of a mind fly worth the investment? Our answer is no, but if you are a fashion daredevil with money to spare, by all means, go for it. As for the rest of us, it’s safe to say that the vast majority will stick to the old-school ‘normal-sized’ version of the boot, and rock it until it’s back in the doghouse again. When a boot is cozy, you’ve got to grab every moment you have with it.