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The ever evolving career of the young artist Natalie Shay


Since ancient times, perfume has been used to give the human body a more desirable scent in the pursuit of attracting a partner, all of which can get very scientific. Since each person’s body chemistry reacts differently to the aromas present, a single perfume can vary from one person to the next creating something entirely different than the original fragrance notes. It can also create very powerful living memories, like that of a previous lover, a colleague/co-worker or even someone from childhood who always wore a certain type of perfume. There’s no question that when it comes to perfumes, our sense of smell can be very potent and powerful. Seamlessly traveling back in time to an 80’s sound, Natalie Shay’s ‘Perfume’ captures the struggle of viewing an existing relationship through a different lens when faced with the prospect of something else even better than one could possibly ever imagine and not knowing which path to take.

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All photo credits: Massimiliano Giorgeschi

We previously featured her Flawless Presence and it was clear just through Natalie Shay’s stage presence that the singer would begin to generate a spark of her own that would keep listeners hooked. Continuing to see success with her single ‘This Feeling’ by releasing her newest single ‘Perfume’, which is currently available worldwide. Infused with an 80’s synth vibe throughout and vibrant electronic instrumentation, ‘Perfume’ was both co-written and recorded with Jonathan Vears of Imagine Dragons and mixed by Pete Dowsett of The Vaccines. As an infectious pop anthem packing quite a punch with powerful melodies, youthful exuberance, and vitality, Shay’s new track is seemingly brought to life by magic with her distinctive indie-pop sensibilities and prominent vocal harmonies. When asked about the inspiration behind her new single, Shay responds, “It’s about being in a relationship and noticing it’s coming to an end. Because either you’ve started to notice other people and you’re torn when weighing up the pros and cons and not quite sure how to end it.” She goes on to say, her track ‘Perfume’, “this track is so different from my others but is very self-contained. I especially love the use of using modular synths and other productional techniques to create a sound which is a mix of my real-live instrument sound and a new productional identity.”

Wanting to go deeper into the mind of a young musician, I asked if there was a single message that she would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that she would aspire to live in, what would that message be and why she felt this message was so important, Shay replies, “I just would love people to see creativity and individuality as a gift and for everyone to feel comfortable to create and express themselves no matter what. I think everyone just needs to calm down a bit and re-adjust their priorities. If people shifted their focus then loads of avoidable issues could be sorted. For example mental health; if people didn’t feel so shy to talk about it then people wouldn’t need to suffer alone.” An incredibly wise message to help bring the stigma of mental health to an end.