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…His own material has already held its position on our ear-waves

The summer may have finally started to arrive and if you are in England all two days of it may have come and already gone. Nonetheless, the summer sound has officially arrived and Jared Lee teaming up with CLMD to create this dance banger ‘Keep Dreaming’, an incredible summer dance anthem.

For those that may be unfamiliar with this emerging act, that is not quite emerging, as he has been a behind the scenes Mini-God for some time, writing and producing for hit-makers, the composer singer songwriter is far from the average. Songwriter to hit artists Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks and TIESTO, before releasing his own material Jared Lee has already held his position on our earwaves through multiple hit songs. Musing on his achievements he recalled how fun it was to work with Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks and how they continued to bring inspiration to his work ‘I really enjoy writing for others and collaborating with other musicians, writers and artists—they often bring things out of me that I never would have discovered without them. They are all different experiences but one of my first co-writes, Vertigo, a song I co-wrote and produced for Jason Derulo holds a special place in my heart. Jason did such an amazing job with the song and brought in Jordin Sparks to make it a sultry duet. Seeing videos of him performing it around the world and hearing people in different countries singing the lyrics was a special feeling. As a solo artist Jared Lee has the type of music that gives you a feel of a boy band straight out of Orange County set for the summer and for every new affair but with a more contemporary R&B twist and from Nashville, which, to say the least, is interesting.

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…I just want you to experience something that makes you feel.

– Jared Lee

A European film-maker for a grandfather with his mother an American raised in London and a father whose love was the guitar, Jared Lee was exposed to all types of music growing up from Pop, R&B, Folk, Rock. Although his family did not always understand his choice to move solely into a career in music, particularly with his father being a lawyer and his mother a psychiatric social worker, with a vehement creatively driven force, Jared firmly sowed his roots within music, and is beginning to release his personal sound to the mainstream.

Jared creates universal music but there is still much of his music that can be deemed to woo the more emotionally inclined listener, and with influences such as Brian McKnight, Usher and many singers such as this and you do get a sense that the idea is no one ever leaves the room once Jared Lee’s music is on, so approach with caution. – All I really hope is that people feel the passion and honesty in my work…and that it moves them somehow. Whether that’s from the music itself, the emotions it stirs up, the tone of my voice, lyrics, or the way it may sparks their imagination makes no difference to me. I just want you to experience something that makes you feel. – Jared Lee

His current release ‘Professional Lovers’, is a much more RnB pop driven track, and with lyrics like ‘lips are made of magic you’ve become a habit’ there is little wonder why the recent release will draw comparisons to songs you would expect to hear from Liam Payne, HRVY or Bazzi done in the fashion that is organic to Jared Lee.

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Photo credit: Rodney Chonia

One thing can be said Jared Lee goes from, writing hit music, producing summer dance tracks, pop R&B track, and then writing R&B “bedroom music”, (yes, “bedroom music”) with ease, and whilst still harnessing and growing as a solo artists Jared Lee’s sound may do more than just make people feel.