Strand Bamboo – The New It Factor In Interior Flooring

As eco-friendly building materials become more prevalent we’re seeing an impressive growth in popularity of eucalyptus and bamboo flooring.

The Main Reasons Why Strand Bamboo Is Becoming So Widely Used:
1. It’s extremely dense and dent-resistant – Suitable for high traffic areas, high heels, pets, kids and anything else you want to throw at it.
2. It’s much more eco-friendly than hardwoods, since eucalyptus and bamboo regenerate in 3-7 years (vs 40-70 years for some hardwoods).
3. Cost effective – It rarely if ever needs to be refinished in a residential setting, saving you costs long term.
4. It is easy to get wide planks and premium lengths.
5. This flooring choice reduces your carbon footprint.
6. It is a love of luxury interior designers.
7. It provides exceptional eco-friendliness as flooring and also offers something else – unparalleled strength and durability.


Among hardwood floors it is strand eucalyptus and bamboo that make for the toughest and most durable of all. These floors are the only wood floors that test well above 4,000 on the Janka Scale, which is the standard test of hardness in woods. They’re head and shoulders higher than even the most expensive exotics. Bamboo is harvested from FSC Certified forests in China (they have a huge area of bamboo known as the “bamboo sea” that has been farmed for thousands of years) and it typically takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks to arrive in the U.S. and the UK. Bamboo flooring has now been installed in residential and commercial locations around the world since becoming a darling of the design community in recent years due to the eco-friendly benefits, beauty and durability of this wood.

AmbientFloors3Image: Homesthetics

What are Strand Bamboo and Eucalyptus Floors?
Strand bamboo and eucalyptus floors are the hardest wood floors on the market according to Janka Scale testing. Created from bamboo and eucalyptus strips woven together and then compressed under intense pressure and heat, it results in a flooring that’s beautiful, eco-friendly, affordable, resistant to dents, and rarely if ever needs refinishing under residential traffic conditions. These qualities, alongside the natural beauty and range of colors and surface effects, make strand bamboo incredibly popular.

The Process of Strand Flooring
The process of creating strand woven floors begins with heating long strips of raw material which are gathered during the milling stage of manufacturing (for example with bamboo the outer side of the cane is transformed into a flat strip).
The strands are trimmed and then torn apart so they form separate pieces, it is then that the weaving takes place, where the strands are woven into intricate patterns and compressed into a tough, super-dense flooring plank using ultra high-compression machines.

Installation and Maintenance
If we’re talking practicalities of installation and maintenance, strand bamboo flooring really delivers! It comes in milled, pre-finished planks like traditional wood floors, and can be nailed down, glued down, and even floated in the case of click-lock versions. The click-lock floating design makes installation fast, simple and perfectly manageable for even the most basically equipped home DIYer. Strand bamboo flooring is a captivating and luxurious interior design choice not only because the colors are unique but because the grain has marbling, with more of a resemblance to Carrara slabs cut from quarries in Italy than to a traditional boring wood floor like oak. No other hardwood floors have interesting marbling like the grain of strand woven bamboo.

AmbientFloors4Rich marbling in Tiger Strand Woven Bamboo
AmbientFloors5Coffee Handscraped Strand Woven Bamboo Floor by Ambient® Bamboo Floors

Most strand bamboo floors come with the extremely tough aluminum oxide finishes that architects have come to love for their durability and fine satin appearance, providing toughness while still showing off the beauty of the grain. The durability of strand woven bamboo and eucalyptus, combined with this extremely durable finish, means that homeowners rarely if ever need to refinish their floors. Now that’s durability, and that’s why stranded bamboo flooring is so popular.

From the light and bright effect of Rustic Ivory Strand Bamboo Flooring, to the ornate grain and rich color of Tupelo Honey Strand Eucalyptus, our product range demonstrates the best and most beautiful strand eucalyptus and bamboo flooring – proof that you can have both beautiful form, and rock solid function at an affordable price.

Image Credit: Pexels