Over the past few years the explosion in streetwear fashion has seen an interesting upsurge in its popularity. With the use of designers implementing this particular style within their garments on the runways and the likes of top models, fashionista’s and musicians championing streetwear brands, or taking the initiative to create their own lines.

The streetwear trend, particularly 90’s inspired streetwear, has made this style the designated fashion trend across all high-street stores. One new emerging brand has taken streetwear and conceptual design to a new stage, creating what they refer to as “a new design movement.”


Terence Ayuk Eben and KMA10 make up two parts of the innovative Soho based urban-streetstyle brand NEVER FADE, a brand forged during a conversation between Terence Ayuk Eben and his business partner, founder of Musee Noir. And now this independent label is beginning to generate its very own buzz, on speaking to Terence, the passionate emerging designer discussed the ideology of a brand movement and not simply a following for the future of Never Fade ”KMA10 liked the name ‘FADE’ resonated with our brand philosophy. We intended to mix fashion expression with social good. We later added ‘Never’ to distinguish our brand and reinforce our message. Once we established the name and brand philosophy then we moved to the next steps.

We started the brand on the basis of several reasons and one of them was the solidity of our network globally. The Never Fade movement has naturally built up by virtue of what we aim to build. Our first social issue to express has been the global refugee crisis, so the artistic expression on our garments reflects struggle, peace, freedom and empowerment. The campaign to get this message out was ‘No One is Illegal’ and it has resonated with lots of people who wanted to wear the brand or participate in the creative expression. We have been fortunate to have a dear friend Said Taghmaoui starring in the upcoming Superwoman film and based in LA supporting us, along with Carla Bello and Eubanks Jr, Swissbeats, as they believe in the social message of ‘No One Is Illegal’.


Unique to their competitors NEVER FADE focus on marrying social agenda and design philosophy, with a focus of creating a label as an advocate for the millennial generation. Leveraging the power of socials to convey their message and brand values NEVER FADE are definitively shaping a dedicated following that have committed to the social message as well as donating some of the proceeds from sales to directly supporting children that are refugees.

The brands social presence has played a direct role in the initial planning before design and production, creating concepts suited to their following and campaign events geared toward their fans “The new generation is bolder in designs and creations. The tendency is fashion enthusiast and consumers have the desire to outdo each other on social media and so it’s become easier to sell concept clothes now than ever before. Individualism and quirky is more celebrated allowing for greater artistic expression in the clothes. We’re also the only fashion streetstyle boutique in London and possibly Europe to have an atelier in the same premises.

We felt it would be great for young designers and creative types to experience the production line of fashion, stocking and customer interaction. Due to our great location in Brewer Street London, we thought it would be a great idea for customers to experience multi-branding and hopefully curate more and more exclusive designers. In line with our desire to mentor and discover young creative talent. Then we started the Arts meets Fashion events, which is growing to attract lots of artist within the Never Fade shop. The networking between our customers and the young artists in itself is creating the movement.”



All Images Provided By NEVER FADE

With an impressive global network and social presences opportunities to distribute in LA, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Moscow, Tokyo, Copenhagen and Milan are currently in negotiations. NEVER FADE’s new movement is set to be a fantastic conduit between young design talent and its consumers.