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Fashion Luxury Meets Art CultureLondon’s Exclusive Pop-Up  

2019-10-14 at 11


Montblanc, the prestigious high-quality luxury goods brand known for its briefcases, writing instruments, leather goods and jewellery – also known for the designers love of luxury watches – and contemporary artist Philip Colbert, known for his disciplined, fascinating pop culture driven approach to creating his world of art – the East London based creative-artist who focuses his craftsmanship on painting sculptures, clothing, furniture, and design – have joined forces for the first time.

The Montblanc X Philip Collaboration is the first UK artistic collaboration in their rich-history and a very special and exciting collaboration between the two brands which will incorporate designer high-end novelty travel-trolleys specifically created for this exclusive collaboration. This event will be open between 15-20 October at 47 Brushfield Street, Spitafields Market. The doors are open at the following times: 12.00 – 19.00 ( Tuesday – Saturday ) Sunday: 12.00 17.00 During this pop-up-store exclusive event.

The transit pop-up experience was chosen to be based in East-London as it not only also where you can locate Philip Colbert’s studio but for is immensely hip diverse multi-culture communities. To celebrate Montblanc #MY4810 First ever travel-collection. Mr Philip Colbert has customised 49 black cabin size: #MY4810 Trolleys with painted limited-edition logo design. Mr Philip Colbert has hand-painted each trolley’s to put his own signature and creative mind in these trolleys.


Philip's Image Four Suitcases in Studio


Attendees will have the opportunity to get their hands on these 49 trolleys that have been designed uniquely for this event, with Colbert’s added cartoon, urban pop cultured, print signature, travel-friend for people who want the luxury-quality of Montblac and the urban edged creative look that can only be produced by the Philip Colbert. Even for the most devoted lifestyle customers, this would be very interesting travel-gear and the event has created a wonderful opportunity for you to immediately purchase these exclusive trolleys during this pop-up. Furthermore, there will be the opportunity to purchase other leather goods and the summit 2 line at the event.

Montblanc aims to use the event to target the cutting-edge East-London shopper and more diverse communities. With this initiative the company will continue to support his long tradition for arts and culture on a global scale since the early 90’s. For Philip Colbert this collaboration means that he will be able to engage with a younger-audience. That are interested in his art and creative mind and still stay close to his values.


Philp colbert X Montblanc

Image Credit: Piers Allardyce