New Artist Feature

An explosion of soulful husky vocals, gritty guitars, and powerful driving rhythms, new artist MAWD’s ‘Dark Room’  is a powerful track that brings its lyrics to life with a Janis Joplin-like edge. MAWD is the moniker of California-based musician and songwriter Madeline Matthews. Her stunning compositions fuse rock’n’roll, folk/blues, and pop. The soulful, textured vocals of MAWD is diverse, ranging anywhere from a breathy and sultry folk/blues vibe to a powerful Janis Joplin-esque/Karen O. belt, perfectly imprinting upon the sonic foundation laid by quivering electric guitar, haunting harmonies, classic acoustic folk rhythms, southwestern inspired Americana bass lines, and full percussion.


The struggles each of us may have with our own mind can be a rabbit hole that leads us to discover new facets of ourselves that we had never known before. It can be a terrifying journey when coupled with the thoughts of being isolated away from everyone and everything in the world we’ve come to know and love, especially when it comes to our most basic need for human connection. This is the mind’s dark room that brings out the scared little child in all of us that doesn’t want to open a door at the end of a very long hallway. MAWD’s new single ‘Dark Room’, profiles the feeling of isolation that so many of today’s youth seem to experience, in a world that’s more connected than ever before. “I felt like I was going crazy, sitting in my dark dingy dorm room, struggling with the longing for a comforting feeling, trying to fit in, feeling like a stranger in my skin, and discovering a new dark part of my mind”, reveals MAWD, about her new single.


MAWD is a talented multi-instrumentalist musician playing the piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, accordion and some banjo as well. Having recently transplanted from her small Northern California town of Placerville in early August of 2017, to sunny Los Angeles in order to pursue her music career after being signed to LA-based indie label Soundx3, MAWD had previously toured internationally in Sweden, won singer/songwriter contests, fronted and played in various bands, graduated with a BA in Music Industry from California State University, Chico, and played shows all over Northern California. Although she pulls influences from The Staves, First Aid Kit, The Head and the Heart, The Alabama Shakes, Nancy Sinatra, and many more, MAWD’s sound is both distinct and unique giving her a sound that isn’t often heard in today’s rock music.

She is now back in the studio writing her next album set to release in Summer 2018, which is projected to be a small Third Man Records-style stripped-down acoustic EP while perfecting her live shows with her incredibly talented and lively LA backing band.