T-shirt Layering Game

‘Old school trends’, for want of better words, always come back around and this time we salute the return of the fancy slip dress and casual tees, and how you can make layering up a real statement piece to your wardrobe! Taking influence from fashion Icons such as Kendall and Kylie Jenner who have channeled their inner 90’s girl, wearing a t-shirt underneath a slip dress, contributing to this look becoming one of this season’s hottest trends. It allows us to wear our own favorite t-shirts, from basic, block colors, to simple slogans to patterned fun stripes. Dressing this style up and down, from casual and cool pairing some converses or vans with this doubled up outfit, finishing off the look with a bomber jacket and sunglasses.
If you’re going out somewhere special and want to create a more dressed up, classy style with this look, head over to Topshop or Missguided online! Simply pick a more fitted, plain t-shirt and a silky slip dress contrasting colours to achieve a stunning, elegant outfit. Accessorize with a chunky choker, thigh high heels or if you’re not feeling the statement heels, go with a simple strappy pair of sandals and a cute clutch bag. If you like ‘living on the edge’, try adding a lace bra-let over the top of the t-shirt and layer the slip dress. Layering allows us to experiment, adding our own twist and style. My favorite outfit worn this week was the t-shirt, bra-let and strappy playsuit over the top of them both! All bits all purchased from Missguided at a bargain price!




Thigh are back

Recently we have seen the return of thigh high boots back in High street fashion. So thankfully we girls have managed to rock this look without looking like something unsavory, bringing the 80’s pretty woman look back to this decade whilst adding a little more elegance and sass! Although these style boots appeared to fade away quite quickly when they were brought into to fashion during that period, they’re now back in the limelight again thanks to the very popular Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and paired with the right outfit can definitely complete a sexy and tasteful outfit.
Although it may seem like there is an element of risk-taking with these shoes, they can definitely help the most boring outfit look hot! Throw on a baggy slogan t-shirt dress or knitted slouch jumper which are available from most high street stores or check out Pretty Little Thing online. Style a pair of peep toe thigh high heels an you’ve got yourself a killer outfit.
If you’re looking for a smarter more sophisticated way to dress up a pair of thigh high heels at an affordable price, visit River Island or Missguided. Find yourself a cute blazer dress or bodycon long sleeve dress and pair some faux suede thigh high heels, add some simple jewelry and clutch and you’ll definitely get heads turning with this sleek look.




Statement chokers

Another 90’s throwback making an appearance is the cool but grunge girl choker. Statement chokers are one of the biggest and most popular trends right now! Making most outfits look fierce, romantic or cute, you could pretty much wear a choker with any style outfit. Whether it is with a pair of ripped jeans, sock boots, cropped t-shirt and a chunky velvet choker or converses, a cute summer dress and bomber with a simple thing triple suede choker tied in a bow at the front. Whatever your fashion sense maybe adding a statement choker will complete your look, finishing it off and achieving a more feminine outfit. You will always looking amazing! Here’s a little tip though: the trick is to balance out the amount of skin you have on show on your top half so the choker is brought to people’s attention. A couple of the best tops to wear to showcase your choker is an off the shoulder/ bandeau or a plunge bodysuit/top. Both these styles with draw people’s eyes to your neck. Why not have a go at making your own choker too using various fabrics like lace, velvet, suede and even add some crystal for a really stunning effect.



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