If you haven’t heard of this band you need to stop what you are doing at this exact moment in time, return to your music library, and ask yourself vehemently why you seem to have become so very behind on your updates?

The Vancouver based band is the consequence of what happens when you mix great RnB vocals with superior electronic music. The room literally stops! The music takes over and you realise I need this is my life. And it’s always a bonus when you initially approach a band with skepticism – similarly to the many bias skeptics that arrived when the black-eyed -peas first took centre stage and when you first looked at their dynamics, until their music converted those who doubted to dedicated believers.

The project of Grammy Award winning producer Chin Injeti, Suffer The Children have a repertoire of leading artists they have either worked with, are connected to, or being mentored by. “I met Chin through a mutual friend of ours, a producer named Brian West who lives in LA. I was visiting from London, and Chin was also in LA at the same time. Chin & his team were having a Grammy Party and Brian invited me along so we connected there. Fast forward a bit and I’m passing through Vancouver – Chin invited me to come by his studio, and things kind of grew organically from there.” – RIAN. Although in complete synergy with time this spontaneous project led to something with immense potential. “This project was entirely unexpected, and it’s given me something to be excited about. Everything – SHALLOM


…..Will leave you in awe of what the future holds for them.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name Chin Injeti, this producer has worked with Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West, just to name some of the premium artists that can be connected to this producer, now to create his very own band that together with, Chin, Rian and Shallom have already performed at last year’s FVDED IN THE PARK FESTIVAL, among headline artists Travis Scott, Jack U, Bryson Tiller, and Kaytranada. – A name created by band member Chin, “I came up with the name “Suffer The Children” and none of us hated it, so we let it roll around in our heads for a while. The original inspiration came from Matthew 9:14 of the King James bible: “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Also, one of my favorite bands is Tears for Fears and they have a song called Suffer The Children, so that sealed the deal.” – Make no mistake Suffer The Children have the incredible aptitude to be an enormous success and will leave you in awe of what the future holds for them.


Their song entitled The Killing Hands is a smokey, sensual and erie introduction of this band with propelling vocals over hard base lines, written by the band and produced by Chin Injeti has produced by DJ Khalil song is a mesmerising tangled web of emotions within a relationship “This is the song that pointed us in the right direction creatively, and helped us solidify our sound. I think that we can all relate to the lyrics in our own way. No matter who we are as individuals, we each find games to play; deceive each other and ourselves. Love is a hell of a drug”. – Suffer The Children.

With this band it is all about the music considering where they have come from to where they are now, it is a truly inspirational story. Surrounded by an incubus of talent, permeating satin tones and compelling lyrics this band may make you surrender to their sound. Surfer The Children are an interesting alternative band to keep an eye on and are definitely ones to watch through the rest of this year.