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…His Debut Reached No.1 In The Belgium Music Charts & No.2 In France.

We’ve already seen the success of artists such as Stromae, Kendji Girac, Christine and Queens, and now this French artists is an explosive combination of hip-hop, fun, flair and urban-chic. Also a member of Sexion d’Assaut, Maitre Gims embodies his Congolese influences into his music, adding mainstream appeal. And for his solo projects he has collaborated with Sia on the incredible “Je te pardonne”. Leaving his fans wondering who can we expect to see featuring on Maitre Gims music next?


Gandhi Djuna, later adopting the stage name Maitre Gims, is a graduate of communications and graphical art. He first began his root to fame with the band Sexion d’Assaut. Whilst a member, Maitre Gims also worked as producer mixing and mastering material for other artists, alongside this releasing his own mixtape and solo-projects before officially releasing his very first solo album Subliminal in 2013. His debut reached No.1 in the Belgium music charts and No.2 in France, introducing one of the finest French hip-hop artists to the industry.

His follow-up album Mon Cœur Avait Raison included features from Chinx and Gucci and in 2016 Maitre Gims delivered the Album A CONTRE COEUR, a re-edition to Mon Cœur Avait Raison, that will quite literally leave you breathless. From ballads, to uptempo latin beats, Afro-beats, EDM, and R&B, Maitre Gims delivers hit after hit that will bring to life even the most dreary of environments. Maitre Gims songs may also have the ability to appeal to the very acquired palette open to new music. Tracks like Sapés comme jamais, humorously portrays all that is ghetto, sleek and fabulous. If the white horse alone, featured in this video, does not send you in fits of laughter, there is something very wrong with the state of comedy. And the motivational Laissez passer and emotive Ma beauté  will certainly get some of the most unaccomplished of dancers up and moving.

…One Of The Most Enigmatic French Rappers



Irrespective of the fact that this rapper has fun with a lot of his music, Maitre Gims is recognizably a serious artist. His clever, action filled video concepts together with his charismatic style and ability to write memorable lyrics confirms why Matris Gims is arguably one of the most enigmatic French Rappers on the market right now. This rapper singer/songwriter and producer has stormed onto the scene with absolute conviction, and is an international artist that should be on everyone’s playlist from this point on.