Interior Design Guide

Bring out the best in your home


Creating a focal point in a specific room is the basic, essential step in interior design. If you want to make sure that your room is well-decorated and perfectly balanced, you should start by choosing the best spot for your focal point. Of course, different things can act as a one. Essentially, the focal point is the star of the room, the striking statement piece that makes everyone land their eyes on it the moment they enter. It’s also the starting point for the rest of your design. With that in mind, don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about how to create your own personal focal point and boost the look of your interior.

Find your room’s focal point

If you’re lucky, your room already has one and you just need to make the most out of it. For example, windows with a gorgeous view, a fireplace, built-in shelves, vaulted ceilings and uniquely angled walls are all existing focal points that you can use. However, don’t despair if you don’t have any of these features – you can simply create your own. This can be done with accent walls, artwork, backsplashes and statement furniture and accessories.

Accent walls

This is one of the easiest yet very effective ways to create a focal point in any room. Simply pick a wall that you want to be the statement piece of the entire space and get creative with it. The simplest way is to repaint it and use a bold, jewel tones. Of course, you can have as much freedom as you want with it, so let your imagination run wild. Moreover, you can always use self-adhesive wallpaper if you want something more intricate in design but you don’t feel confident enough in your painting skills.

Statement furniture and accessories

A great focal point in any room can also be statement furniture and accessories. For instance, an interesting sofa or a coffee table in the living room, or a bed and even a reading nook in the bedroom are fine examples of how to use furniture as a focal point. The furniture pieces themselves don’t have to look extraordinary if you have trouble finding such pieces. Still, you can find incredible deals at flea markets. However, using interesting accessories and techniques can make a world of difference. Don’t hesitate to spice up your furniture with throws, decorative pillows and reupholstering, and don’t shy away from patina application and decoupage.

Textured and interesting carpets

If you want to both add some warmth to your room and create a focal point from scratch go for rugs. Textures, in general, are very important when it comes to creating a warm and cozy feeling. If windows are your focal point get some curtains, while cushions and throws act as a statement furniture décor. Also, decorative round rugs are perfect for rooms that don’t have an existing focal point and are relatively small. Not only will a well-placed rug with no strong angles bring balance and comfort to your room, but it will also become the best feature of the space in the most homely manner.

Amazing artwork

Another great way to add to any room is to use statement artwork. This can be a large painting or even a mirror with an intricate frame. Tie the rest of the room together with some accent lighting. You don’t have to limit yourself to one large statement art piece though. You can also create a breathtaking gallery wall that will draw everyone’s attention.
Once you determine and create your room’s focal point, the remaining process of décor and design will be a lot more rewarding, focused and easier. Therefore, don’t skip this step when arranging your personal space since it will help you elevate and customize it properly.