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Most homeowners want to be practical without the sacrificing interior design. They wish the best of both worlds even on a budget. Unfortunately, some house hunters don’t have any idea where to begin their home decorating or take their inspiration.

Every house hunter would want a house and lot for sale in Bulacan that would adapt to their lifestyle. Flexibility is the key to a stylish abode that would resonate through the years. Each decade of living is different, so knowing the rules to follow will keep your home organized, comfortable, and visually pleasing.

Below are the home decorating commandments to follow for each decade of your life.

image_1Ten Decorating Commandments to Adapt Each Decade

Your 20’s

1. Thou shall incorporate fun.
Your twenties is your passage to adulthood. It’s also the time when you still haven’t establish your style. Therefore, use this decade to be adventurous. Feel free to mix and match different graphics and bold patterns. A hint of unexpected never hurt anybody.

2. Thou shall invest on the staples.
Begin setting the foundations for a comfortable home living. Purchase functional items which carry your style. Think about the type of sofa you want as well as a bed with matching headboard. Dinnerware, sets of bedspreads and towels are some of the staple home items you must prioritize.

3. Thou shall choose a great couch.
The couch is the center of attraction in the living room. It’s where you will entertain and lead your guests. Thus, it’s necessary to select one that is comfortable and fits everyone. It must be durable, so it lasts for a long time and flexible, so friends have a place to crash for the night.

4. Thou shall prioritize wellness.
A twenty-something’s social calendar is full of events and celebration. Hence, they need a place to relax and recuperate. Your home must have enough space for all your items to avoid accumulating clutter. At the same time, it must have home items that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Your 30’s

image_2Ten Decorating Commandments to Adapt Each Decade

5. Though shall hang wall art.
You already have an idea of the aesthetic you want for your home around this time. Still, it helps to research different styles to discover the decorations that appeal to you. Art pieces are appealing decorations to have at home as each one conveys a unique story. It also spices up a blank wall with minimal effort.

6. Thou shall establish a kid-friendly zone.
There’s a chance you already have a home you share with your family. You must also consider their needs and level of comfort when decorating. If you have kids at home, skip the whites and go for washable material. Avoid sharp edges and corners and trade them for rounded pieces. Consider padded or carpeted floorings in play areas and the family den.

7. Thou shall consider light fixture.
Often, the ambiance of a home depends on the amount of light in each room. Warm bulbs are inviting while cool lighting creates a harsh environment. If you want a friendly and cozy ambiance, you must strike a balance between these types of lighting. Installing the right fixtures highlights the good points of the room without sacrificing the quality of light. Adding a dimming feature in the bedroom saves energy, maintains room temperature, and improves the quality of your sleep.

Your 40’s

image_3Ten Decorating Commandments to Adapt Each Decade

8. Thou shall incorporate luxury.
It’s time to reward yourself for the building your career and achieving your potential. Place statement pieces in across your home. Think of high-grade upholstery, extravagant home accessories, and unique pieces of artwork. Take note of these factors – softness, texture, and scale. Trading your previous sofa with a new one that has quality fabric, trimmings, and cords make updates the look of your living room along with style.

9. Thou shall explore the power of antiques.
Antiques have high value in the market because of their past and context. They are unique as they come as they cannot be recreated. Family heirlooms and pieces from your heritage or local history will make your guests take a double look and look in awe.

10. Thou shall spread mementos.
Family portraits, travel souvenirs, and collectibles are some of the treasures you can display in your home. You can restore discolored and damage images and place them in sleek frames. It suits a wall gallery by a hallway or staircase or an empty surface in the foyer. Meanwhile, souvenirs give character to space while serving as a reminder of past adventures.

These are the design tips you can follow through every decade. Remember that each passing year carries a lesson. Pay attention to the changes in your taste and lifestyle to incorporate them into your home living.