Tafari Anthony as he puts a middle finger up to his ex-lovers in new single ‘Centerfold’


Image Credit: David Fulde

Canadian artist Tafari Anthony pens a fearless goodbye to past lovers in his catchy new single ‘Centerfold’. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Prince and John Legend, his soulful voice, atmospheric synths and relatable lyrics have also been compared to the likes of Sam Smith. Hoping to spark a feeling of self-love and acceptance in a society full of pressures, the mix of genres and engaging themes resonate with the masses.

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Inspiring individualism and confidence, the Toronto based creator oozes sass and style in the new video for ‘Centerfold.’ Showcasing his natural rhythm, Anthony channels his inner Beyoncé and throws up his middle finger to the lyric “This is go fuck yourself”. His velvety tones and upbeat pop melody create a witty contrast to the cutting lyrics, creating this feel good ‘Fuck you’ anthem.

With previous successes such as performing with Shangela from RuPaul’s Drag Race and being credited as CBC’s Most Influential Songs of 2016, there is no doubt Tafari Anthony will be catapulted to the centrefold with this new track.