Nashville based singer/songwriter  SVRCINA gives us ‘Flowers’


The images being seen around the world are both incredibly eerie and quite surreal given the current circumstances of the pandemic. Seeming like it was all taken out of some post-apocalyptic movie, hundreds of streets in cities around the world are currently vacant of any modern-day busyness that would usually be seen; Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles – all of them are empty. Even though these times are challenging for both government leaders and citizens, we as humans are being given an incredible opportunity amidst all the pain and suffering that is gripping the world with fear. We can choose to use love instead of fear and see the beauty in this situation. The Canals of Venice are clear enough to see fish swimming around. The air is cleaner to breathe without as much fossil fuels being used to transport workers. Newer ways of doing things or working from home are being discovered that were once never openly considered. Appreciating the importance of our connection with our families and each other is now greater than ever before. The pandemic itself doesn’t discriminate against ethnicity, religion, gender, social/economic status, sexual orientation or political affiliation. If we can come together as humans despite all these differences in such a time of great need, can we continue to be together as humans in order to eliminate such things as poverty, hunger, and war with peace and love? Through the social distancing measures and lockdowns, we’ve been collectively sent to our rooms to think about what we’ve done to our planet and what we’ve been doing to each other; the question that remains is whether we are ready, willing, and able to learn from this experience in order to be better and to do better, together, as one human collective consciousness. In her new single, ‘Flowers’,  SVRCINA (Sur-Cee-Nah) travels into the realm of finding the lessons in every situation regardless of the outcome with a synthpop sound that’s sure to have listeners grooving.


Molly Svrcina is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who’s been performing since the age of 6 and relocated to Nashville from Detroit, Michigan to pursue her career in music while being surrounded by a musical family. “My mama is a singer, and I always wanted to sing with her in church. A pastor at my church in Plymouth, Michigan was very attentive to the potential in young people, and he let me sing/lead for children’s church at 6 years old. As I started listening to different styles of music and watching shows like American Idol, I was enthralled with singers and creative expression.” She also recalls entering a competition in order to buy something she desired, explaining, “I’ve always been entrepreneurial at heart and delighted in being inventive. There was a defining moment when I was ten: I discovered a splendid motorized scooter at a store that I desperately wanted. It was $200, and too expensive for my parents to justify buying. A short time later, my mama saw an advertisement for a karaoke competition at a local county fair, and the prize was $200! In my brain, I immediately correlated the opportunity to purchase the scooter by singing for it. I sang Carrie Underwood’s “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” and to my shock, I did win that competition! That taught me the skill of merging both using a gift and hard work. It also sparked a passion in me for making music as a path to make a living. After two years of traveling and singing at fairs and festivals, a publisher from Nashville found me singing at a fair in Michigan and invited my family to come to Nashville and see if the songwriting was something I’d be interested in. That partnership opened an entirely new world of possibility and was the forefront of an incredible journey with so many twists and turns.”

With a wide array of musical influences throughout her journey, she draws inspiration from various genres/artists. Svrcina further elaborates about her influences, “Early on, I confess I was a raging, raging fan of Celine Dion, Patsy Cline, and Rascal Flatts— a very eclectic blend! I loved super emotional singers, and one of my favorite artists/songwriters is Brooke Fraser. Her album “Albertine” made me fall in love with songwriting. With the music I’m creating now, I’m in love with artists like Imogen Heap, Astrid S, Aurora, Shallou, Lewis Capaldi, top 40, and culturally-centric pop. My entire spirit loves global culture, and exploring different cultural nuances musically, and visually. Artistically, I do cartwheels over the idea of celebrating people and heritage and blending diverse collaborations in an alt-pop context.”

Her new single, ‘Flowers’, co-written by SVRCINA and Andreas Moss and produced by Essancy, features a driving synthpop rhythm, soft yet soaring vocals, and subtle piano that’s mixed together to create a track that anyone can easily groove to. When asked about the inspiration behind her new single, Molly responds, ” ‘Flowers’ is about the beauty that can be seen and created in every circumstance. It’s about clinging to an anchored hope that nothing in and from our lives will be wasted— even the worst, most painful aspects. The truth is that pain and suffering in life are unavoidable. Choosing to search for beauty in everything doesn’t ignore reality, but it believes and resolves that our spirits won’t be eternally crushed or blemished by the valleys we walk through.” The accompanying music video is also beautifully created with stunning visuals. ” ‘Flowers’ has been one of the most artistically vulnerable songs I’ve released, and communicating its message visually was truly a new layer,” SVRCINA explains. “Working with Bree Marie Fish (Dan Auerbach, Josie Dunne) on videos for two other singles, I trust her artistic vision and I’m so grateful for how she melts into artists’ creativity, yet crafts and directs each story in such a fresh way. It was really important to communicate the simplicity of seeing and creating beauty in every circumstance. Together, this collaboration and the video has been our most colorful, emotional, and purposeful yet.”


Curious if the singer/songwriter had any further wisdom to share, I asked if there was a single message that she would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that she would aspire to live in, what would that message be, she replies, “The way I see the world and my motivation as an artist has transformed so much from when I first started making music. I’m a person of faith, and truly believe people are uniquely and beautifully made in the image of God. Our stories, even the most devastating and painful pieces, can be made into a beautiful work of art, and fuel the work of our hands with the diverse gifts we’ve all been given. I believe this message is so important because ultimately it is the compass that guides my life! Through collaboration, I feel that there is endless potential for innovative creativity— true beauty and virtue that is inspiring, lifts people up, and delivers hope and healing to those who desperately need it.”

‘Flowers’ is available now via SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer, and Google Play, with the accompanying visual music video streaming on YouTube.