We All Need To Be A Part Of Sustainable Fashion 



We all know that the earth has been damaged a lot over the last decade. The Fashion industry being deemed as the second industry that has added to the increase in this issue making this a subject for discussion now and in the future. A discussion with the view of bringing solutions for a more sustainable fashion-industry for our fashions and the environment. Climate change has been a big topic in other industries and it’s time that the fashion-industry does the same. It not only starts with the brands but also the customers who are buying their clothes.


Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is not something that’s trending today. It is topic a topic that has been debated for years. Brands like: G-star understood the severity of this issue from the very beginning being sure to take Sustainability seriously enough, that the denim they produce is made from recycled materials. An example that other brands can take a look at.

American-Denim Brand Levi’s is another example of a label who takes a more sustainable approach to creating denim. Using technique’s that use less water than was previously to added to a more eco-friendly way of production. A greener-way of creating clothes and to contribute to a better world.

How to create a more sustainable wardrobe?



We all know that shopping is fun, especially when you love fashion in general. But a sustainable industry is not just down to the provisions brands make or techniques they use that will help us make it a sustainable industry. It is also down to us as the consumers and the choices we make when we purchase our products. When you are creating a sustainable wardrobe. You take part in creating a more sustainable-world. You might as a buyer think: How can I do that?

First-of-all: Shop less. It might sound a little negative. But you don’t have to buy new clothes ever month. When you have a party or some other interesting events and you want something new to wear, take a look around, ask friends for a outfit, or search for possibilities to rent an outfit. Furthermore you can take another look at your own wardrobe and see if you can create another party-look.

Another tip is to buy smart. Think about the long-term and not the short-tem. If you’re able to invest in a coat than do that. A good-quality coat is a clothing-piece that you can wear year after year. You don’t have buy a new coat every-two years or more frequently. Ask yourself: Do I really need to buy another top? Or dress? Take a look at your own wardrobe, before you think about all the trends that you have seen in the latest fashion-magazine’s. Try to buy clothes for the long-term, that you can wear long-term that are still good quality.

A Sustainable fashion-industry takes time


A more sustainable fashion-industry will not happen overnight, but the more we talk about it, the more we aware what effect this has on the industry and the planet for ourselves and the next generation. Then the more changes can be made with less opposition. It is great to see that we are no longer dismissive if this topic and it is receiving more attention in the fashion-industry and globally throughout industries. Brands, designers, fashion-schools, everybody who is involved in the industry. The more we are globally aware that it a topic that we should take seriously the more solutions we will have for this problem.

It’s so important to keep opening this debate to keep this topic relevant and inspire you, to think about sustainability and what as consumers we can do to contribute to a more healthier fashion-industry. If we do not discuss it, dismiss it, or have no care about it. Then the fashion industry will not be the only ones responsible we too as consumers will be just as accountable for our position in this carbon footprint.