Men’s Fashion Style Guide

No matter how many clothes one has in their closet, summer collections are always here to tempt us and tell us that we need an update. Truth be told, –trends change, and while you’re definitely not obligated to follow each and every one of them, you deserve to upgrade your look with pieces that will get you through the sunny season in style. Who knows, some of these trends might end up proving that they have that timeless quality to them, staying power if you will, and will save you from a huge shopping spree the following summer. So, let’s see what it is that every guy simply must have so he’s always good to go, looking dapper and well put together.

A good jacket goes a long way

Hey, summers can have chilly days as well, so don’t start discarding jackets just yet. Although a leather jacket is a permanent staple that never goes out of style, summertime heat might be a bit too much for it to handle. This is where a good denim jacket steps in – it’s just the right fabric that will keep you comfortable during chilly evenings, it’s always in style and it never fails to exude those classically cool vibes. This summer, go either with a dark wash, which is very trendy, or even a black one that will mesh well with every outfit you plan.

Show off the legs

Even us dudes deserve to show off our calves, and you probably have a ton of jeans already, so why not breeze and summer things up with a stylish pair of denim shorts in a light blue or even burnt orange hue – for a pop of color. These hues make everything look more expensive, and if you choose a quality pair, one made from cotton or linen which allow the skin to breathe, you’ll look incredible. You can pair them with white button-downs, simple or graphic tees, with or without a belt – the styling options are endless.

If you don’t have it, hop to it


Aside from a man in an actual uniform, there is nothing sexier than a man in a well-tailored suit. The reason why great tailored suits are not just a summer but a permanent staple is simple – they’re always in style and they are incredibly versatile, hence highly useful. You have a wedding coming up – just suit up and be ready to go. A semi-casual party – leave the jacket and just go with the pants and a great shirt. Romantic date – a pair of those shorts, a tee and the suit jacket and you’re dressed to impress. A suit is a definite must-have as it will work hard for you, and given that most weddings take place during this season, you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Not one, but two

Ok, when it comes to footwear, there are two kinds a man should not be left without. The first is a pair of Birkenstocks, which are again back in style, and the other is sleek tennis shoes. The Birkenstocks will go great with those shorts that you’ll probably end up stocking up on, and aside from being out-of-this-world comfortable and supportive, they’ll get you through the hottest summer days in style. The tennis shoes are a must-have because they’re sleek and you can rock them at the office or even with that great suit. There are endless choices of classic white ones, but our vote definitely goes to the Adidas Originals Stan Smith ones.

White, gray and co


You simply can’t survive the summer without stocking up on your basics so pay attention – whether you’re a guy who loves graphic or simple tees, you simply must own a great white and gray one from Tani Usa, and as for other colors, go with the ones that make you pop. You can never have enough of these. And, if you are a statement dresser who follows trends, Hawaiian shirts have made a huge comeback, so if you want to channel your inner Tyler Durden or virtually everyone from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, definitely get one of these as well.

The cool factor


You could be wearing the plainest outfit out there, but if you accessorize well, you can take the look to a whole new level. This is where killer eyewear and a timepiece step onto the stage. Choose a stylish frame, but make sure it compliments your face shape and the watch is just the cherry on the sundae of your impeccable look.