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It’s a new season and that calls for a shake-up with your makeup. So ditch the deep burgundy lips and warm neutrals you adopted in the Winter because it’s time to embrace the heatwave with these Summer hair and makeup trends.

While most of the usual Summer makeup preferences are sticking around for 2015, from what has already been showcased on the runway earlier this year we can see that Summer 2015 is all about pushing the boundaries, especially when it comes to colour. So delve into DIFORM’s mixed bag of makeup and hair trends for Summer 2015, as we prepare you for your head turning Summer look.

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While colour usually makes a comeback in the Summer season, to this extent is something new. The runways and editorial shoots have never been so lit up with contrasting pastel lips, acid yellow eye shadow and rainbow looks.

For those with cool toned skin, complimentary colours to try are pink, purple, blue and aqua. Those particular colours will all work well with your natural cool skin tone to flatter your makeup look.

Girls with warm toned skin look incredible when their makeup looks incorporate, peach, red, orange, yellow and green. By sticking to the hues that work well with your skin tone, the colourful makeup will be well suited to you and much more wearable, making this trend easier achieved.


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The Hairstyles

In the summer, the last thing you want is your hair sticking to the back of your neck and further heating you up, which is why buns and bobs are the hairstyles of choice for Summer 2015. Even on the red carpet, stars are opting for shorter styles or wrapping up their long manes on top of their head. The bun is a great hairstyle if you are not ready to take the plunge into short hair but still want to keep cool whilst keeping the hair out of the way. You can always wear it down later once the weather cools. Bobs have been at the height of their popularity over the past half a decade and with good reason, they look chic, occasionally edgy and keep you looking unruffled during the Summer. You can opt for a choppy shorter style or a long bob at shoulders length. These styles will all depend on your face shape and what will be most flattering to you. As a general rule, oval faces are best suited to bobs whereas round faces should avoid them as they tend to make the roundedness appear more prominent.


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Nude and Natural

While there is a time and place for everything, sometimes rainbow makeup just won’t suit the occasion and you need a more modest look. Natural and scarce makeup is always a great look in Summer because it’s understated and easy, matching the laid-back season. However, to achieve this look may be harder than it seems because the “no makeup, makeup” can be hard to perfect.

The biggest tip for this look is to enhance your natural features, following the guide of your face.

– Brighten the inner corners of your eye to appear more awake and coat those lashes in some mascara (perhaps even brown if you are going for a very natural look).

– For the skin, focus on making a flawless base as minimally as possible, don’t pack the product on but ensure it is full coverage enough to appear airbrushed.

– Frame your face by subtly filling in your eyebrows without making them too overdrawn or bold.

– Leave the lips completely neutral with a nude lipstick or a tinted lip balm.

For a fun twist, choose a shade like a soft pink or creamy pink to lightly apply to your lids and match your lip colour with it. This will achieve understated makeup with a pop of eye-catching colour.


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Colourful Smokey Eyes

Lastly we have the final trend and that is the focus on enhancing the eyes to create smokey and sultry looks but with the Summer spin of incorporating colour. The best way to achieve this look is to pick a combination of colours, as seen above are mint/gold, blue/black and yellow/pink. So this look can be as subtle or bold as you choose, based on the colours you use. For daytime looks you can pair the two colours on your lid focussing on the lighter hue. Evening looks can be focused on the darker colour, smoking it out and using the lighter shade as a complimenting hue on the lid and lower lash line.

Remember that trends are not a “one size fits all” deal and the best way to find which of the looks work best for you is to experiment. Remember it’s just makeup and it washes off so have fun this Summer playing with colour and reinventing your hairstyle.

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