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Electro-pop Quartet Kimono Loco bring their 80’s inspired love with their new single “Big Boy”.


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You can do nothing other than enjoy this band

Being a stickler for any track that has incredible lyrics and an instrumental arrangement that keeps your button on replay, and pretty much everything that has an interesting enough 80’s vibe – a killer bassline hook always helps – Kimono Loco seem to have become professionals at creating exactly this type of momentum, sending you on an emotionally energised rollercoaster from start to finish.

Any artist worth emotional value writes music about love and it’s turmoils and the very nature of the joys of the experiences love can bring. And in my opinion, a single is always at its best when the song can shift perspectives, and move a listener to feel even the most negative of emotions in the most lighthearted, energised and fun way, replacing a dreary emotional state that can come from an overcome feeling of having lost in love, to transitioning a disheartening, and at times uncontrollable feelings, through, in this case, sound, to a more positive outlook on things. Now that is an art form! And one of the reasons why Kimono Loco has peaked such an interest with their fans.


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Resistance is futile

James Hofbauer, on vocals, Alejo Sonnenberg on drums, Chris Godfrey on guitar and Luke Hamlin on bass-guitar make up the South London-based quartet formerly known as “Regions” now going by their new moniker “Kimono Loco”. This band actually maximise on the word “cheesy”, in such a cleverly and creatively done manner that you can do nothing other than enjoy this band. Though more formally positioned as an Electro-pop band, it is the pop and indie aspects of the band that keep you anticipating what more this band has to offer. And when you’ve been produced by the exceptional pool of acclaimed individuals involved in the production of this band it would just be unfortunate not to listen.

The lead single “Big Boy” is produced by the Irish producer and Wespoint Studios engineer, Shane Shanahan, who has worked with the likes of Kygo, Scott Walker, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Frank Ocean. And the single is what you expect from every good pop single, it hangs in the back of your memory, even when you attempt to convince yourself that you do not remember the lyrics, you annoyingly do, and eventually come to the agreement within yourself that resistance is futile. But the melody, hook, bass and vocals merged in the single “Big Boy” serve to create an impressive memorable pop single to re-introduce the band to the industry with a beautifully fresh sound.




The band’s follow-up track Swim, is one of those tracks that as soon as it begins to play your mind revisits every event you may have casually wondered to (and please do not deny that this has happened to you as well), forgotten the night entirely but had the inclining that it was not just a good night, but an incredible one, and instagram need not confirm/name nor shame you.

The hook in this single is insane and the guitar riff sends your senses to an uncanny place within whatever space you are in. But what the listener may love and most definitely their fans will love about this EP is that every song improves on the last, a key component to every great new band or new EP.

Drawing influences from Fleetwood Mac, Genesis/ Phil Collins, Kimino Loco are pop, electro, indie, quirky, mischievous, but fun. And it always is an added bonus to be talented as well. And their 80’s inspired infusion of pop-art in live sound may just be the key to bringing this band from the canvas to living colour and maybe even into the charts.