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Dropping the new ‘FEVER VIBE’ single is St. Humain’s and we review it

SH-ES-1 Nathan Hopkins

When we meet someone new in our life that we’re attracted to, there is quite a myriad of feelings, sensations, and behaviors that we may experience during the initial stages of a relationship. The ever-popular butterfly giddiness of seeing this person, becoming slightly shyer around them, touching them more often or even having longer eye contact. For those who might be a little more introverted, blushing more often when the person talks, getting tongue-tied when talking to them, and laughing from cute little giggles to the most boisterous of laughter at small things. Many of these experiences may happen uncontrollably, and as we become more in touch or in tune with our emotional world, we are better able to open ourselves up to explore new experiences and adventures with a potential partner. By opening up, we become vulnerable, and in doing so, we give others permission to be vulnerable with us; vulnerability itself is a sign of great strength that leads to a much deeper sense of intimacy in a relationship. In his newest single, ‘Fever Vibe’, St. Humain delves into the depths of summer-love with an electro-pop sound that will surely bring back memories and highlights of younger days by the lake.

St. Humain is a Singapore-born and Sydney, Australia-based singer, songwriter, and producer who combines honest storytelling with modern pop sensibilities setting urban-infused melodies against an electronic backdrop, fusing them all together with contemporary modern soundscapes. Inspired by pop starlets such as Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels, and Charlie Puth, as well as the rap resurgence, he also has a vast source of musical influences, adding,  “I could go on forever because I feel like everything I’ve ever listened to has influenced me in some kind of way. I’d say anything top 40 is my jam. Currently, though, I’ve been loving pop records from Charlie Puth and Tove Stryke, and have been falling in love with R&B all over again with H.E.R. and 6LACK. Then my electronic side comes out now and again too and craves some Whethan and Diplo…” His journey in music began as a child, he says, “There wasn’t this one magical moment, but I think it was a combination of things. Growing up in the 90s meant listening to a lot of radio and I was pretty much fed the charts every night. The Backstreet Boys, Britney (Spears), S Club 7 were pretty much on high rotation because of that! I also remember running around the house recording various things with this toy tape recorder I had… However, it was only after picking up the guitar when I was 14 that I got more serious. I was learning Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, then John Mayer, Stevie Ray… And soon I started singing, joined the school choir and started writing songs somewhere along the way too. I don’t believe in coincidence as much as I believe in providence so it’s interesting looking back because you start to see all the little things that you’ve picked up along the way to make you into who you are today.”

As with many musicians who decide to relocate, the choice of moving to Sydney, Australia was monumental in his life and music career. “At that point in life, I was a couple of years out of high school and I felt that it was time to take my life to its next stage. I was living with my parents at that time and it was a big step because there I was alone in a new country having to make new friends all over again. It felt like the right thing to do at that point in time and to this day I have no regrets. Singapore is home, Australia is home, and I mean… Most of us live on the Internet too, right?”

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SH-ES-5 Nathan Hopkins

His single ‘Fever Vibe’ features bright and groovy melodies, animated rhythms and infectious energy with impassioned vocals, all seamlessly gliding over sleek pop production. Mixed by Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber, Starley) and mastered by Leon Zervos (Amy Shark, Maroon 5, Troye Sivan), St. Humain reminisces about the early sparks of a relationship, fuelled by the heat of young love that speaks to everyone’s unique experiences with someone they love. He reveals, “That spark in the early days of a relationship is highly romantic and being the incredibly idealistic person I am, I tried to distill it to a three-minute song.” Adding further about his music in general, he says, “My songs are always about something in my personal life and I don’t write what I can’t relate to, because I think that at the end of the day we’re all human and are in need of some real authentic connections. Honesty is the motto here. I want the stuff I create to inspire you to live the best life you know how: Stirring up your highs, hugging you when you’re feeling shitty, and right beside you when everything’s simply mundane. Each song is a reflection of a certain time in my own life (or sometimes a current reality) and I hope that they resonate with yours.”

I wondered if the versatile musician had any parting thoughts and asked him if there was a single message that he would want to put out there to make the world the kind of place that he would aspire to live in, what would that message be and why he thought that message was so important, he replies, “Love. Yeah, it can be cliché but I think it’s one of the most, if not the most, powerful thing in the world. We need more of that. Less hate and more love could help solve a lot of the world’s problems. I mean if you think about climate change – if we truly loved our environment then we’d want to do something about it. That funky family member? Well maybe they won’t change but you might feel some sort of freedom when you decide to love and not hold grudges against them. Gun violence? I know it’s a touchy subject especially in America, but if we love living enough shouldn’t we put some control measures around something that could end lives instantly? Cars have speed limits on almost all roads because we love and value safety, right? I want each song I have to relate to something in people’s lives. I think that’s part of showing love – when we connect as humans. I want every song I make to be like a hug… Or a dance-hug if it’s an uptempo one like my new single Fever Vibe ha! If we loved each other more we’d have more grace for people and we can make the world a better place, I truly believe that. A lot of the emotional issues we have with other people would be dealt with in a better way when we love. I think music is one way we can show love… And that’s why I do what I do.”