Men’s Style GuideStyle your look with the faithful man bag.


Poster Backpack eastpak x Raf Simons
Poster Backpack eastpak x Raf Simons


If you’re following the Men’s fashion world. You have probably already seen that the Men’s bag trend is the new fashion statement. With fashion-icons and influencers sporting them everywhere. Every big fashion-house has a large collection of bags in their collection. Not to mention how many times they have been showcased on the runway, these bag’s now officially have their place. Bags are back in the Men’s closet and we are more than happy to see it happening. For us, a bag is must-have every day for you to wear. If you planning to buy a bag for this summer. We are here to help you to make the best purchase. But first of all, we will need to start with the general-information are you ready?


Barrel Bag BurberryBarrel Bag Burberry


SS19 Men’s bag Trend.

The most-outstanding bag you have seen on the runway or during the street style movement. Is the saddle-bag, it’s a smaller bag where you can put your phone, cards or keys in. Most of these bags have zippers which makes the bag more attractive if you don’t want to walk with an open bag on the streets. Shoulder-bags and pocket-bags are the must-have bags at the moment. These two bags are hot, especially during this summer. These bags are accessible and fashionable at the same time. If you planning to buy one of these bags, it might not be a bad idea to buy two kinds of bags.  The bags are very handy when you have dinner in the evening or a lunch-break. You can easily mix them with your summer-outfits. They’re really killing the outfit game! The bags are not that heavy and that’s something you want during the summer-time when you’re already wearing light-clothes so a big bag wouldn’t fit with your outfit.


Tanker Bag, porter-yoshida & CoTanker Bag, porter-yoshida & Co


Do your research.

If you’re really planning to buy one of these bags, we highly recommend doing some research, to begin with. Think about all the occasions and places you need a bag. Where do I go often? Which outfits fit the best with these bags? Do I need one or two? What is my budget for these bags? These are all questions you have to answer yourself before you start your research.  You don’t want to spend money and not be happy with your purchase after. “Buy-smart and not fast” is our motto. You can start looking for inspiration on the following websites: Pinterest. This is a great place to take inspiration and to see what bag fits the best with your outfit.


Trimmed Pouch Maison MargielaTrimmed Pouch Maison Margiela


Where do you buy?

If you finished your research it’s time to shop. Sounds fun right? Buying a new bag is always a pleasure. We know that feeling. Now the Men’s bag trend is big. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on bags. Just depends on your budget. High-end retailers like Matches-Fashion and MrPorter have a large collection of bags that are trendy right now. If you don’t have the budget to do these major investments. You don’t have to worry. Smaller brands like Adidas and Asos have a great-line of saddlebags, pocket bags or shoulder bags as well. So the options are endless which makes it harder to choose. Just always think about the long-term and not the short-term. Buy Smart and not fast is a suggestion we highly recommend to you.


How to style them.

If you know what kind of men’s bag you want to wear then it’s time to style them with your outfit. As you can see in the first picture. This man styled his cross body bum bag in black. With a nice black-tee. It’s simple but it really reflects the trend that is going on right now. In the second picture, you see that this guy is wearing a black/red pocket bag in combination with a black-sweater. This matched completely with his outfit. The red comes back in the bag and in his sweater at the same time. Which makes it a really fashionable-style, in our opinion. In the last picture, you see a green-nylon cross-body-bag. Made from Nylon and a really trendy-bag right now. If you hit the streets, you might already see these kinds of bags. What we really like about this style is the following: This guy is wearing a basic-white-tee and finished it with his Green-nylon cross-body bag. The bag really catches your attention. And we loved that it’s a larger bag. This means you have space for more than only your keys and phone.


Style 1.



Style 2.



Style 3.



If you’re interested in any more style tips or have any style suggestions don’t hesitate to send them to us or comment below we’d love to hear from you.