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Each new season gives us an opportunity to enjoy some hot new trends, and we’re always particularly excited about spring and summer. They bring us bursts of color and a big change from the dull cold of winter, and there’s nothing like going shopping for new skincare, makeup, and hair care to make us feel giddy and eager to try new things out. However, as with most beauty trends, what works for runway models and celebrities might not work for us, who don’t have personal stylists and makeup artists at our beck and call. So, how do we adjust them to suit our needs? If you want to know what the latest spring/summer trends are and how to make them work for you, read on.

Glitter explosion

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It would seem we’ve caught the glitter bug, and there’s no escaping this season! Seen on hair and skin both, glitter is all the rage again, and if you want to be the shimmer queen and sparkle your way around the room, glitter highlights are the way to go. Of course, this trend can get a little overwhelming (not to mention the difficulties of removing glitter once the party’s done), so it’s totally okay if you want to keep it minimal. For a subtle look, use some neutral brown matte eyeshadow to swipe on your eyelid crease, then dab the NYX Glitter Primer on the middle of your lid and stick some multi-colored glitter. A touch of mascara and your eyes are done! Perfect party look.

Peacock eyeshadow

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Do you like the play with colors and want to create some unique eyeshadow looks? Then embrace the peacock trend and let the deep blues, greens, and purples tint your eyes and bring on the drama. For inspiration, you can check out our favorite Australian beauty guru, Lauren Curtis, and this tutorial. If you need a good palette to help you pull off this look, you can try something like Juvia’s Place Masquerade, which is full of stunning blues, purples, and burgundies, but also has a bunch of everyday browns to keep it versatile.

Chop it off

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Short hair is cool again! If you’ve been longing to change something, a cute little’ bob or even a pixie cut should be perfect for you. Too scared to chop off all your long tresses? Well, you could try styling your hair in a faux bob to see whether it’s right for your face (and enjoy some stunned gasps from your friends when you show up and fool them into thinking you cut your hair).

Supermodel bodies

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Let’s talk about Aussies again. Hot, shapely bodies seem to be the norm in this country where it’s bathing suit season all year round. Australian gals like to stay fit by relying on a healthy diet, exercise, and, at times, cosmetic treatments. One of them is professional coolsculpting in Perth, a very reliable treatment that ladies opt for when they want professionals to help them shape their bodies. This is a great plan to have for spring: start exercising, eat a healthy diet, and try coolsculpting to help your body get ready for summer. The procedure works by freezing your fat cells and helping your body flush them out naturally. Currently, it’s all the rage not just in Australia, but in Hollywood as well.

Supermodel skin

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Bare skin and minimal makeup all the way! If you don’t like dramatic eye looks, this trend will appeal to you because it’s all about that natural, lit-from-within kind of glow. Of course, since we weren’t all genetically blessed with perfect skin, skincare should become your absolute top priority here. Try something like Caudalie’s Vinoperfect concentrated fluid to keep your face nourished, and apply some BBB cream over it for that effortless dewiness.

Crystal nails

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Nail art is back, yay! If you like colorful, shiny nails, you’re going to love this trend. Head over to your manicurist and ask for a few crystal details to bring the sparkle and keep your nails glamorous and sexy.

The perfect pout

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That wet, cherry pout is super trendy right now, and if you want to try it you can get one of the ColorPop’s Ultra Blotted Lips, or try this mini tutorial: use your lip balm and apply it only to the outer rim of your lips. Now take your favorite pink lipstick and dab a bit of it on the inner middle of your upper and lower lip, and then press your lips and rub them together. Might take a few tries, but you’ll master that perfect, faded, just-bitten cherry look.

As you see, you don’t have to be a supermodel to pull these off. All you need is some creativity, and the will to experiment and try new things out. Now go ahead and have fun with the sexy new trends!