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Top 6 Kitchen Sink Designs That Are Irresistible

Kitchen Sink

Sinks are an essential and an integral part of any house, especially the kitchen. In fact, your kitchen will be considered completely dysfunctional without a proper sink in it. A kitchen sink is a place where you do all kinds of washing, whether you are washing vegetables, fruits, other food items or simply cleaning the used utensils. A good functional kitchen sink can make your work in the kitchen much easier, simpler, and faster in all the right sense of the term.

Modern Day Kitchen Sink Demands

These days, however, kitchen sinks are much more than a mere place of washing. These sinks contribute to the décor of the room and are quite a style statement in their own ways. This is why a great amount of work is being done so that they are not only designed for better functionality but also their looks should be at par with the sense of style and fashion of the modern-day users. This is why the modern kitchen sink is being worked upon in terms of the material out of which they are being made, the sizes, shapes, and contours that they are being given along with additional benefits that these sinks can offer.

In this perspective, we see that a large number of different designs and models are doing their rounds in the market. However, in the current discussion let us discuss six of the most popular designs of the kitchen sink that are in vogue.

Most Popular Designs Of The Kitchen Sink:

Stainless Steel kitchen Sink

1. Stainless Steel Sinks – The stainless-steel sinks are the ones that have a huge demand in the current times. These mainly come in square or even slight rectangular shapes. Many of them have been given an underneath sound preventive layer, which arrests the noise created while you work on these sinks.

2. Dual Sinks – Many of these stainless-steel sinks comes with a dual basin. The sides and the corners of this kitchen sink come with a rounded off the corner. This is how two sinks can be fitted into a single frame. However, in most cases, these sinks are not deep in terms of depth. This is why try to use both the sinks for staking and for cleaning them simultaneously.

3. Stone Sinks – These days, you can find sinks made out of 80% natural stone. Some of them are made of marble and some of them are made of strong granite. These stylish and fashionable looking sinks can add to the décor of the kitchen. It is advisable that you match the colors of the kitchen sink with the kitchen platforms and the dip trays.

kitchen Stone sink

4. Basin Sinks – The basin sinks are highly in vogue. This style of the kitchen sink has been in use for a long time now. The basin sinks have a simple design but can come in different shapes and sizes. They can be fitted into any small spaces and can be fitted into all types of angles. You can find a large variety of colors and contours. They are simple and can blend into any type of décor of the kitchens.

5. Farmhouse Sinks – The farmhouse sinks are similar to the dual sinks, with a double basin. However, here it is important to mention that these sinks are often deeper in depths. This is why they are given the name farmhouse sinks. You can wash large pots and utensils in these sinks.

6. Bowl Sinks – Bowl sinks come in different shapes and sizes. Some of them have uniform contours and brinks. Some of them are non uniform in this context. Some of them are made of clear glasses and some have tinted glass.

Farmhouse Sink

There are different joints where you can find vast range of kitchen sinks. Be sure to check with two or more joints so that you can compare the prices and get the best deals.