Established in 2010, Tramp in Disguise the creative creation of emerging womenswear designer Sini Moilanen, the Finnish born designer knows how to inject a little piece of herself into each collection. From vibrant 30’s and 40’s Hollywood crime and detective film inspirations in her latest Spring Summer 2015 collection to her designs being loved by British celebrities such as Jessie J. Sini’s designs are full of life and joy with every print, we decided to grab a moment to talk to the emerging designer about all things fashion.

Name one thing you simply can’t live without

SINI MOILANEN: My mobile phone. A great part of my personal and business contacts are only on my mobile and I have not been always punctual with my back ups. I felt completely lost a few months ago when my phone was stolen.

Why did you move to London from Finland?

SINI MOILANEN: I actually moved to Brighton from Finland where I did my BA before moving to London. Originally I moved to England after my matriculation examination in Finland to do my studies here. I knew already at that time that I wanted to make my career in fashion and the possibilities for this kind of studie was much better in UK. The reason for moving from Brighton to London was starting my MA in fashion at Royal College of Art.

How was it living and growing up in Finland. How does this compare to the UK?

SINI MOILANEN: Finland has 4 very different seasons with a very cold winter with lots of snow, so as a child I was doing a lot of winter sports and games. Although I lived in Helsinki metropolitan area I can say that Finland is quite a peaceful place with lifestyle quite different compared to London. People there at that time were not very accustomed to people from different nationalities and different races. I have heard this thing has changed now though.

What is it about London that you love so much?

SINI MOILANEN: I love that there are a lot of different things happening all the time and the people and the culture are not very homogenous. No one will judge here by how you look like or what you are wearing.

If you could travel anywhere all expenses paid where would you go?

SINI MOILANEN: I would love to go to Japan. I am very interested in Japanese culture, history and food. My favourite food is sushi. And of course I love Japanese fashion and especially I would like to go to Harajuku.

How did you create the name Tramp in Disguise?

SINI MOILANEN: Tramp In Disguise comes from my student years when a friend of mine called me as a joke that I look like a Tramp In Disguise. I thought that would be a good name for a brand.

Fallen Angel Collection at London Fashion Week

Image Source: Tramp in Disguise

Favourite shopping spots in London?

SINI MOILANEN: I like to go to Portobello market to get inspired by vintage fashion and I like the vibe of Covent Garden.

Ideal person you would love to design for?

SINI MOILANEN: Someone with a great colourful personality and with a good sense of humour.

What has been a highlight in your design career so far?

SINI MOILANEN: The presentations that I have been able to make.  I have been sponsored to do some fashion shows abroad and I have done few presentations during London Fashion Week. Although preparing and doing the presentations is always stressful but I somehow enjoy the adrenalin rush I get from them.

We know you are a very hands on designer, but do you get involved in the styling process at the presentations as well?

SINI MOILANEN: Yes of course. Usually we brainstorm together with the stylist what we are going to do. Often I already have an idea what I want and the stylist helps me to generate more ideas from that basis and acts a judge whether something can work or not.

What are your motivations, what drives you through the day?

SINI MOILANEN: Coffee, music and being able to do what I love as my job – but not necessarily in that order.

Pieces from Tramp in Disguise’s SS 2015 collection

Image Source: Tramp in Disguise


Sini’s diffusion line My Galavant from the Chart Topper 2015 collection

Image Source: Tramp in Disguise

Why did you create your diffusion line My Galavant?

SINI MOILANEN: Because of a public demand for a more commercial and affordable line.

How is it to know that someone like Jessie J wears and loves your designs?

SINI MOILANEN: Of course it is great to know that such big stars like Jessie J. wears our designs and not only her but also any celebrity really.

What other celebrities can we expect to see wearing your collections?

SINI MOILANEN: That is largely up to the celebrity stylists who take our clothes for the celebrities to choose. All I can say is, at this moment there have been a lot of interest in our new collections.

Biggest challenge as a fashion designer?

SINI MOILANEN: To be creative, unique but commercial at the same time. And you must be able to get fresh ideas in a predetermined schedule that you don’t have much possibility to change.

Fallen Angel Collection at London Fashion Week

Image Source: Tramp in Disguise

Favourite piece (or pieces) from you latest collection?

SINI MOILANEN: My favourite piece from the last Tramp In Disguise collection is Flame. Our SS15 collection was called “Fallen Angel” and the inspiration for its prints came from Hollywood crime and detective movies from 30’s and 40’s. The favourite piece in My Galavant SS15 collection is Mandy. The prints in the collection are inspired by the records of the vinyl era. Actually choosing only one favourite from the collections is difficult; there is a little bit of me put in every single piece of them.

What have you been dreaming up for next collection?

SINI MOILANEN: It’s still a secret but I can tell you that Tramp In Disguise collection will have a Slavic theme.

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